Anthony Mark

Anthony Mark Biography


Hola Amigo,

I am Anthony Mark, born and raised as a Latino in Tampa, Florida. In my childhood, computers were a rarity. But once I got hold of an old Windows 7 PC, there was no going back. I am a Computer Hardware Technician and I think computers are my superpower.

Educational Background

I did my bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of South Florida. I also got my CompTIAA+ certification to work in technical support and operational roles. This has not only given me the technical knowledge but strong communication skills as well.


I am interested in the installation, and maintenance of computer systems. Strong interpersonal skills also intrigue me, and I try to come up with ways to simplify complex processes.


I am proficient in troubleshooting IT issues such as product designs, integrating circuit boards, heat sinks, BOMs, and functional specifications. I can also remove software bugs and malware.  I work in IT support and solving complex issues is all I do, day in and day out.


Carving out solutions is my passion, so I picked up woodwork as a hobby. When I have enough time, I make coffee tables, cupboards, and miscellaneous items.


My vision is to make a layman able to analyze and fix basic computer hardware and software issues.

Reason to Contribute

Years of working in IT organizations made me realize that problem resolution is not so common. So, I took to this website for step-by-step instructions and guidelines to resolve computer hardware or software issues. It is my way of giving back to my society. To know more about whole team click here or visit our site Home Page.