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Important Factors

Essentials To Look For In Your Laptop

Pick the right size

Before anything else, you need to find out how portable your laptop has to be. To break it down, laptops are normally categorized by their display sizes.

13-14 inches provides better portability and usability — better for travellers.

15-16 inches offer ideal portability due to its size. You can rely on this category even if you’re an avid traveller — the 16 inches are rare but Apple might start the trend with its 16” MacBook Pro.

17 and above are ideal for people who are into high-end gaming because this category normally has a processor that is perfect for power demanding games.

Don’t overlook the battery

Battery is normally overlooked and later on becomes a pain in the rear. If you’re a gamer and sit near the outlet then you can ignore the battery life.


However, if you’re a traveller, use the laptop on your lap or work then you will need a laptop that has at least 7 hours of endurance.


Or else, you will have to sit next to the outlet the whole day — causing you to have a limited boundary.


Never take the manufacturer’s word for the product instead do your own homework and check out third-party resources such as reviews.

How about Specs?

Regardless of what you use it for, specs should be your top-most priority as you will have a tough time if you don’t pay heed to it. 


CPU, GPU, and RAM are something that your system relies on and if you get a laptop with lower specs, you’ll soon be in trouble as most of the software will lag. 


The CPU has a huge influence on performance due to it being the “brain” of the computer. Do a handful of research before buying a laptop.

Do a handful of research before buying a laptop.

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