5 Ways on How to Screenshot On a Gateway Laptop?

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We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Gateway laptops have been the classic budget-friendly laptops, found at any Walmart. Once in a while, everyone needs to take a screenshot. So, how to screenshot on a Gateway laptop? There are two common ways for it.

Click on the Windows key + PrtScr to take a screenshot on a Gateway laptop. It will take a screenshot of the whole screen. If you want a screenshot of a single window, then press Ctrl + Alt + PrtScr on the laptop. The file will be automatically saved in the .png format.

Another method to screenshot on a Gateway laptop is the built-in one. Press Shift + Windows logo + S for taking a screenshot in various shapes. Let’s explore these methods in detail.

Method 1: Use PrtScr Key

If you want to save a screenshot directly to the Photos or any other folder of your gateway laptop then PrtsSc is the easiest method. There are different combinations to take screenshots through the PrintScreen key. You can try either and choose what works.

  • Go to the screen you want to capture.
  • Press the Windows key + PrtScr or just PrtScr on the keyboard to take the picture of the whole window.
  • It will save as a .png file in the Pictures folder of the Gateway laptop.
  • You can open it in Paint by pressing Ctrl + V to save it from .png to .jpg format. 
  • For capturing an active window instead of the whole screen on the gateway laptop, press Alt + PrtScr and the rest of the process is the same.

You can also opt for third-party tools to change the format of the screenshot. So, there will be no need to use the keyboard for taking a screenshot. However, if you still want to try out other combinations, you can press Ctrl + Alt + PrtScr.

Method 2: Third-Party Tools

One of the easiest ways to take a screenshot on a gateway laptop is through software tools. If you don’t want to use the keyboard to take a screenshot, then this is for you.

Various 3rd party software tools are available that allow you to save the picture in .png or .jpeg formats too. Some of the popular screenshot tools are:

  • Snagit
  • FastStone Capture
  • Screenshot Captor

Third-party tools can be handy but they are unmatchable to the ease of taking a quick screenshot by the keyboard. Apart from the PrtScr, there are other ways to capture a screenshot on the gateway laptop as well.

Method 3: Use Insert Key

In some gateway laptops, taking a screenshot is a bit different. For taking a screenshot on a gateway laptop: 

  • First, locate the screen that you wish to capture. 
  • Then, press and hold the insert (ins) key on the keyboard. 
  • After this, press the PrtScr key and release both keys. The screenshot is captured.

Before the PrtSc key was introduced in the Gateway laptops, it was a common way to screenshot. Through this method, it is also possible to choose a specific window to capture.

Method 4: Snip and Sketch Method

Gateway laptops use Windows and it has an in-built tool to take screenshots. It also has the editing option to edit screenshots later on.

  • Navigate the search bar and type snip and sketch tools.
  • Once it is open, click New.
  • Select in which shape you need a screenshot. It can be rectangular or freeform.
  • When the screenshot is taken, you can edit it in the snipping tool.
  • Save the screenshot in any format by pressing Ctrl + S.

 It can work as a good alternative if the PrtScr or the Ins key is not working properly. Try all the methods mentioned here and choose the one that is easy for you.

Method 5: Use Snipping Tool

A snipping tool is a popular way to take a screenshot. It first appeared in Windows Vista and has been used ever since. Snip and Sketch is its advanced form, but in some laptops, it can still be found. Also, Windows 10 and Windows 11 still have this feature. Following are the steps on how to screenshot on a gateway laptop using the snipping tool:

  • Open the window you want to take a screenshot of.
  • Press Windows Key + Shift + S to open the snipping tool.
  • It also has the option for a rectangular or irregular-shaped screenshot. One can also take a cropped screenshot through it.
  • Once the screenshot is taken, click on the snipping tool notification to open the editing window.
  • Save the screenshot in a folder of choice, after any or no editing.

How to Screenshot On a Gateway Laptop Using Windows 7?

Most of the gateway laptops now use Windows 10 or 11 but exceptions exist. It is simple and quite like the one in Windows 10. Press the PrtScr key, but it will not automatically save the screenshot. 

For saving the screenshot, open Paint or any other editing tool and press Ctrl + V to paste it. Then, save the screenshot in the .jpg or .png format in any folder.


It is easy to take a screenshot on a gateway laptop, especially in Windows 10. Hopefully, you can find a method suitable for you, out of the multiple methods mentioned here. We have tried to cover all the ways how to screenshot on a gateway laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is PrtScn Key?

    A Print Screen or PrtScn key is found on most laptops and has a Unicode U+2399. It is used to capture the images and text on the screen. In other words, it functions as a screenshot key in laptops.

  2. How do I take a screenshot on my laptop without a Print Screen button?

    You can use a snipping tool by pressing the Windows key + Shift + S to take a screenshot. It is easy and the best way to take a screenshot if the Print Screen button is not working. You can also use third-party tools for this purpose.

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