How To Play A DVD On An Asus Laptop? (Explained Simple Method)

We may earn small commission on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Asus Laptops have earned a good name for their ergonomic structure and smooth working. However, people often complain about the Asus models that they do not support DVDs. Passionate gamers and videophiles feel very heart throbbing in this situation so that’s why here I’ve provided a strategy for your concern.

There are multiple methods for playing DVDs on an Asus laptop, you can simply go for Windows Media player to run DVD. Search for your concerned DVD or CD in the player library and play it by clicking the name.

If this method does not work, you can go for third-party media players. VLC media player, a free 3rd party software, is highly recommended for playing DVDs on your Asus laptop.

4 Reasons Why Asus Laptops are not Playing the DVD

Movie lovers often complain about the incompatibility of Asus Laptops with the DVD. There can be four main reasons behind this problem.

  1. Prevalent Issues With Your Laptop Operating System

If the operating system is out of order and needs an upgrade, you will face difficulty in playing DVDs. Whenever the operating system launches and upgrades, the laptop will develop bugs and won’t function well. In case you have Windows 10, you will face issues due to the auto-installation services of this operating system. So, it could be one of the potential reasons. 

  1. Flaws In DVD Player Software

Different bugs often arise in the media player software that doesn’t allow the laptop to play videos. Sometimes, the DVDs do not play due to corruption in disk software or codec incompatibility.

  1. DVD Region Code Issues

Some Asus Laptops integrate DVD players that work well in one region but not in the other. So, if you are traveling from one area to another, the region code issues will not let you use DVD. Thus, opting for region free player on your laptop is preferred. 

  1. Multiple Running Programs

If several programs are running on your laptop, the laptop will not be able to support the DVD. In this case, close all the unnecessary tabs on your taskbar to play the DVD smoothly.

Easy way to play a DVD on an Asus laptop

Here is the step-by-step method to play games and watch movies on an Asus laptop using a DVD. You can follow the steps gradually to accomplish your task. 

Step 1: Open the CD room of your laptop and insert the DVD into the room. Check whether the CD drive started operating or not. 

Step 2: If the CD drive starts working, a CD icon will appear circulating on the cursor of your laptop. In this case, all is okay for you. Click on the CD drive icon on my computer to play the movies or games. 

Step 3: If things do not go as mentioned above, open the windows media player. Search for the name of your disk or DVD in the navigation panel. In Windows 10, you may face some trouble while opening your concerned DVD. It is due to the different aspects of the Windows 10 operating system that doesn’t support playing games or watching movies through a DVD. 

Now you might have this question in your mind, how to play a DVD on an Asus laptop in Windows 10? So, I have unveiled the secrets to this below. 

Watch out our video on how to play a DVD into Asus Laptop

How to Play DVD on an Asus Laptop in Windows 10

If the operating system on your laptop is Windows 10, different bugs will appear. Windows 10 often does not run the movies through the Windows Media player. In this case, go for the below-mentioned steps

  • Open the official website of Video LAN VLC Media Player and install the software. Keep in mind that VLC Media Player is entirely free of cost. 
  • Launch or change the settings to run VLC on your Asus laptop. 
  • Now, insert the DVD into the drive and wait for some time. 
  • The video or game will start running automatically.
  • If the DVD does not run on its own, open the media player menu.
  • Open the DVD from the open disc command.
  • Click on the play button to run the program. 

How to Play DVD on an Asus Laptop in Windows 8

You can play the DVD in Windows 8 with a Windows media player or VLC Media player. Most probably, the Windows media player doesn’t run in Windows 8. So, install the VLC player from the official website and run your DVDs through it. 

How To Play DVD On An Asus Laptop In Windows 7 

  • Insert the disk you want to play on the CD drive. 
  • The DVD will play automatically in most cases. 
  • If the DVD does not run, open the Windows Media player.
  • Search for the inserted disk name in the navigation menu.
  • Click on the DVD name, and it will play automatically. 

How To Connect a DVD Player To An Asus Laptop

You can connect a DVD player to your Asus laptop only if the concerned port is available. Most Asus laptops come with three ports for connecting external devices.

The DVD players get connected to laptops through an HDMI port. If the mentioned port is not available on your laptop, you cannot connect your player to the Asus model. If a built-in DVD port or drive is absent on your component, you can go for the other method. 

Invest in an external port that connects to your laptop through a USB port. So, you can play a DVD player on your laptop in this way. 


I hope that by now you have successfully learned the process of playing DVDs on Asus’s laptop. If you are in search of an overall best Asus model then I believe nothing can be more suitable for you than ASUS VivoBook 15 K513.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I open my DVD drive on Windows 10? 

    The drive ejection key is available on the laptop pad near the volume keys. Just open the file explorer from the start menu. Search for the icon of the disk in the menu. Right-click on the sticker disk and select eject. The drive will eject out. 

  2. Why does the DVD not get detected on my Asus laptop

    If the BIOS of the Asus laptop does not contain a CD or DVD icon, it may be due to a hardware failure. There could be an issue with the optical drive cable. So, you can check for any bugs. If the BIOS contains the name of a CD or DVD name, the problem can be due to software bugs. 

  3. Why does the Windows Media player not play DVD? 

    It is because the Windows 8 and Windows 10 Operating Systems don’t support the built-in media player. In this case, install third-party free software to run your DVDs.

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