8 Reasons Why are gaming laptops so expensive?

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We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

The gamers from all over the world wanted their system or Pc with them at all times to play games. This desire of gamers led to the creation of laptops specifically for gaming. Today, every brand makes separate laptops, which could help the person have a wonderful gaming experience like his Pc.

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The question: why are gaming laptops so expensive? Is asked by many gamers. It is simple, yes, gaming laptops cost more than a usual desktop pc, but as it is said, with every desire one has to sacrifice something, so in this case, it’s money.

Gaming laptops are much more expensive because they are designed to give good performance while fortnight, call of duty, or any other game but within a limited space. Unlike desktop systems, they do not have a big casing to support necessary utilities for gaming, so its limited space makes its design complicated, contributing to its cost.

It is not the only reason why gaming laptops are so expensive; other factors affect the price of a laptop. So here I will discuss all the factors which determine the price of a gaming laptop.

Factors determining the cost of a gaming laptop?

The gaming laptop’s compact design is not only responsible for it being overpriced, but it is surely one of the biggest factors. So the other factors which are responsible for gaming laptops’ high price are as follows.

Better heat flow

It is undeniable that gaming laptops will produce more heat during extensive gaming. Thus, they are designed to have a better heat flow to provide the best gaming experience.

Many simple laptops can play heavy games but not for long simply due to poor heat flow. Thus, gaming laptops are always designed to maintain their temperature with the best heat flow. This is one of the best features of a gaming laptop, but it causes these laptops to have a significantly higher price.

High-quality display screen

Gamers, especially competitive gamers, require an excellent display screen with a higher refresh rate to get a robust gaming experience and an advantage over other players. Nowadays, many different brands are making gaming laptops with a high-quality display screen with a higher refresh rate.

This extraordinary feature makes the gaming laptop much more expensive than normal laptops, as the higher the display quality, the higher the price of the laptop will be.

High specifications

The word gaming is based on the specifications. Thus, gaming laptops are sure to have much more advanced and higher specifications than normal laptops. These laptops are designed to have a combination of a superfast processor, RAM, GPU, and even a high-quality display screen.

These exceptional features make gaming laptops much more expensive than normal laptops. Thus a gaming laptop with higher specs will have a much higher price than standard laptops.


Gaming requires a laptop to run at its fullest to enjoy the game without lag and stutter. Thus, gaming laptops with powerful specs consume much more power than usual. More power means a bigger battery so that the user can enjoy gaming for an extended period of time.

Thus many gaming laptops come with a powerful battery to provide a decent backup time while gaming. This extra huge and better battery also contributes to the overall higher price of these laptops.


The brand of a laptop also matters when determining the laptop’s price. The well-known brands like MSI, Apple, HP, Razer, etc., ensure that the built quality and experience of gaming on their respective gaming laptops is top-notch.

So when a person is buying a branded gaming laptop, not only is he sure to have invested in the right thing but is also assured of returning in case of any issues. Thus, he is not only buying a laptop but is also buying the brand, which costs a few more bucks than a laptop from a less famous brand.

Better accessories

A laptop without an RGB keypad is almost unheard of. This doesn’t contribute to the laptop’s specs and performance, but still, it elevates the gaming experience. With a trend of a mechanical keyboard and RGB lighting, many brands are making laptops to have these extra features.

These extra features contribute to an increased price of the gaming laptop.


The trickiest part is the manufacturing of gaming laptops. To fit these high-end components in a compacted space is very much difficult. All the components are designed in a compacted form without affecting their performance and are then assembled in a laptop.

This is not an easy task and thus greatly affects the price of the laptops. This is the major reason behind gaming laptops being much more expensive than normal laptops.

High-speed Disks

Gaming laptops usually come with a high-speed solid-state drive much faster than normal hard drives. This drive helps these laptops boot and load data faster than normal laptops.

These high-speed drives help the game load faster, making the user have a good gaming experience without waiting for long. These disks also make the gaming laptops a little expensive but much faster.


To call the gaming laptop overpriced or expensive is not fair. These laptops are not overpriced, but they justify their price by providing an exceptionally great gaming experience. These laptops are costlier than normal laptops but are also many times better in terms of performance. The factors mentioned above majorly affect the overall price of a gaming laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are gaming laptops overpriced?

    No, the gaming laptops are not overpriced. They are, in fact, more expensive than normal laptops but are also much faster and are on a whole different level in terms of performance. So the extra price you are paying is to enjoy better performance.

  2. Why are gaming laptops so heavy?

    Gaming laptops are usually much heavier than normal laptops because they have a high-end graphics card embedded in them and a bigger battery that requires more space. These extra but useful features are the prime reason behind the laptop's increased weight.

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