How To Stop Your Laptop From Overheating? (4 Proven Hacks That Work)

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We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

If your laptop is experiencing overheating. Trust me you aren’t alone. This happens with almost everyone because of the demanding laptops that we use. These are more powerful and come with a heavy processor. Specifically, gaming laptops are more prone to overheating because of their demanding hardware.

The best way to withstand overheating is to place the laptop on an airy and smooth surface so that the vents can take air inside and the internal temperature of the laptop can decrease.  

Moreover, it’s up to you as a user to make sure that the cooling system can function properly. In this article, you can find all the tips and tricks that will help you in keeping the laptop cool.

Effects Due To Overheating Of Laptops

Overheating affects hardware and speed when you are playing heavy games or browsing or doing any work, its temperature rises and creates a problem.

The heavy load on a laptop is the leading cause of heating because it runs for a long time. The processor will heat up and cause difficulty for the user. 

Cause Of Overheating

The laptop’s performance keeps on going down with time due to overheating when one is doing work for long hours with the laptop in a lap or any other soft surface. 

This is caused due to no adequate flow of heat within the laptop. The air is essential for it. The best way to increase its performance is to normalize its temperature. 

4 Ways To Stop Your Laptop From Overheating

Worried about overheating? No worries anymore as here I will discuss some tips to cool down the laptop’s temperature. You just need to follow these simple hacks to make your life easier. 

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  1. Check Laptop Fan

Place your hand just next to the vent. If you will feel the air, that means the laptop fan is working. If you feel no air, that means your laptop fan is not working properly.

It happens mainly because dust particles are stuck in the fan, or there is a high chance that there is some sort of potential damage or breakage. Open the laptop back cover and clean your laptop fan, or in case of breakage, look for a new fan to replace it with.

Note If you have no idea about changing laptop fans, get a professional to do it.
  1. Place On Proper Surface

Avoid using your laptop on irregular surfaces such as carpets, blankets and pillows generally, the air vents are located on the bottom of the sides of the laptop block its air to the machine, and it will cause overheating, which usually slows down your laptop or may even shut it down.

Note Don’t sit in a hot place while using your laptop.
  1. Use Cooling Pad

The laptop cooling pad is a great method to stop the laptop from overheating if there is no technical fault in the fan. Sometimes the laptop fan cannot maintain its temperature due to the heavy load on the laptop. In such cases, the cooling pad works great.

Cooling pads will prevent the laptop from overheating while using your lap or soft surface. A cooling pad helps to maintain laptop airflow. Its metal mesh surface provides great ventilation.

Use the best budget cooling pad for your laptop to maintain its temperature. If you can’t afford a cooling pad and want to use it on your lap or on the bed, you can use a plastic sheet or a hard thing under the laptop. Don’t use it on the soft surface. The wooden cutting board is best for it.

  1. Laptop Cleanness

Cleanness is very necessary. Dust particles might stop the laptop fan from working. If the airflow completely blocks, it can start heating up. Clean laptop once in every six months.

Step1 Turn off the laptop and remove its battery.

Step2 Open its back cover, sometimes it is placed with a screw or sometimes with a lock.

Step3 Locate the fan and clean it with a small brush like (Tooth Brush).

Note If you don’t know about cleaning fans then hire a person who knows.

The best way of using a Backpack

Don’t put the laptop in a protective cover or a backpack while it is still turned on or in sleep mode, only do this when your computer is turned off. This also limits or blocks the air system of your computer and will raise the temperature.

Avoid These Places

Avoid using your laptop in direct sunlight. Or the places where excess dust can get into the cooling system of the laptop and hinder heat dissipation. keep your laptop clean, I recommend using compressed air to help clean the vents. 


Stopping your laptop from overheating is not a very difficult task. So carefully apply these techniques, which help you to stop your laptop from overheating. Every way mentioned above is totally capable. I have tried my best to convey all the necessary information about how to stop your laptop from overheating. And I strongly hope this will be very useful for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I cool down my laptop?

    You can keep the laptop cool by cleaning its vents and not letting the dust inside the laptop. Moreover, you can try using cooling pads to withstand the overheating issue.

  2. Can overheating destroy the laptop?

    Yes, it can, because if your laptop is overheating it’s letting you know that there is something wrong inside the system and if not solved timely then it can cause permanent damage to the laptop.

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