How to Switch on Keyboard Light in HP Laptop?

We may earn small commission on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Hp is a famous brand for making one of the slimmest and good-looking laptops.

Hewlett- Packard (HP) is the best brand in the technology industry, especially in laptops. Hp laptops are the most common in the market. It’s a choice of a wide range of people.

In this article, we will learn how to switch on the keyboard light in the Hp laptop?

Importance of keyboard light

While traveling at night or doing some work on your laptop in a darkish room, even if you are a gaming lover, you want to play games over the night. You can find it hard to see your laptop’s keyboard.

Keyboard light is excellent for those students who want to explore hobbies like art, photo editing, video editing, planting, and much more in the dark.

Are you thinking How to Do this?

Don’t worry, Hp has something special for you, which is a keyboard light. Keyboard light helps you to see your laptop keys in the dark.

With the keyboard light, you can do all things play games browser or even more, you don’t need to turn on your room light.

While it depends on your laptop models, if it has a light keyboard feature, you can set and adjust the keyboard light’s brightness according to your need. Most of the laptops have two light adjustments light and dark.

Some People appreciate looks and style. Changing the light keyboard colors are such a great option, but it is not on all laptops. But these types of options are loved by students and gamers.

Gaming lovers use a particular setup for playing games like special Ram, Motherboard, and external keyboard lights illuminate gamers set up when they are playing games.

Checking Hp laptop Keyboard has a light feature

Make sure your laptop has a light keyboard feature. For checking, go to Hp official site and search by its Serial Number (SN). You maybe find its serial number in the back of its battery.

When you enter your laptop serial number on its official site, it gives you all information about your laptop, whether they have a keyboard light or not.

A quick way of checking your laptop has a built-in keyboard light functionality to look at Function keys.

It is usually on the F5, F6, F10, or right arrow key (in the right-hand corner) depending on your hp laptop model. If you can’t see anywhere, it means there is no light functionality on the keyboard.

Turing on hp laptop keyboard light

Step 1: Your laptop keyboard light may not turn on if your laptop has a low charging. Charge your laptop for using keyboard light.

Step 2: Locate the keyboard light key and function key on the keyboard. The keyboard light typically has a three-dot light symbol. The light keyboard key on the hp laptop looks like tiny glow lines. 

Step 3: Press the function key or Fn + ( which has a ting three-dot line key ) e.g., F5. 

Adjust the brightness of keyboard light 

Sometimes you need more keyboard light and sometimes less depends on your working area light. Well, in this case, you can adjust it to your needs.

Locate the function key and light keyboard key, press it a couple of times and increase your light according to your need. By pressing light keys some times, your keyboard may be dim or bright full.

What You Have Learned:

Now you have learned how to switch on the hp laptop keyboard light. But still, these methods are not working for you to restart your laptop. This extensive guide will help you for using the keyboard light.

Most of the laptops have only one light color in their keyboard, but by chance, the manufacture prepares a laptop that has changing keyboard light options it’s your luck.

If you want a different color in keyboard light, use an external gaming keyboard.

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