How to Switch on Keyboard Light in Hp Laptop? (Simple Methods)

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We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Many HP laptops come with a convenient feature that allows you to turn on the keyboard backlight. This feature comes in handy when working in dimly lit environments or when you simply prefer a well-lit keyboard. The process of turning on the keyboard light on an HP laptop may vary depending on the model of the laptop. However, there are a few general steps that you can follow to turn on the hp keyboard light.

To turn on the keyboard light on your HP laptop, locate the “Fn” key on your keyboard. Press and hold the “Fn” key, and then press the key with the symbol that looks like a sun with an arrow pointing towards it. 

This key is usually located in the function key row at the top of the keyboard and is labeled with an icon that looks like a sun. By pressing these keys simultaneously, you should be able to turn on the keyboard backlight. If this method does not work, consult your laptop’s user manual for instructions specific to your device.

Importance Of Keyboard Light

While traveling at night or doing some work on your laptop in a dark room, You may find it hard to see the laptop’s keyboard. Keyboard light is excellent for those students who want to explore hobbies like art, photo editing, video editing, planting, and much more in the dark.

With the keyboard light, you can do all things, play games on the browser, or even more, you don’t need to turn on your room light at all. While it depends on your laptop model, if it has a light keyboard feature, you can set and adjust the keyboard light’s brightness according to your need. Most laptops have two light adjustments light and dark.

Checking Hp Laptop Keyboard Has a Light Feature

Before we learn how to switch on the keyboard light, make sure your laptop has a light keyboard feature in it. For checking, go to Hp official site and search by its Serial Number (SN). You can find its serial number on the back of its battery easily.

When you enter your laptop serial number on its official site, it gives you all information about the laptop, whether they have a keyboard light or not.

A quick way of checking whether your laptop has a built-in keyboard light functionality or not is to look at the Function keys. Keyboard light keys are usually the F5, F6, F10, or right arrow key (in the right-hand corner) depending on the hp model you have. If you can’t see the light icon on any key, it means there is no Backlit feature available on your laptop.

Turning On The Hp Laptop Keyboard Light

Here are some simple steps to turn on the keyboard light on your hp laptop.

Step 1 Locate the keyboard light key and function key on the keyboard. The keyboard light typically has a three-dot light symbol. The light keyboard key on the hp laptop looks like tiny glow lines. 

Step 2 Press the key with the glow lines on it to turn the Backlight on

Note Your laptop keyboard light may not turn on if your laptop has low charging. Charge your laptop if you want to use the keyboard light.

Turning On Keyboard lights In Hp Laptop Windows 10 Pro

You can easily turn on the Backlit in Windows 1O pro by using the Windows mobility center. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Open the Control panel.
  • Now look for hardware and sounds.
  • Go to the Windows mobility center.
  • Now search for the Backlit option and enable it.

Turning On Keyboard Lights In Hp Pavilion

Turning on keyboard lights in the Hp pavilion is the simplest of all jobs. You just need to press an assigned function key for the Backlit which is most of the time the F5 key on your keyboard. If this doesn’t work you can also try holding F5 along with the Fn key to make it work.

Before doing any of these, make sure that your Hp pavilion has a Backlit function keyboard. Because if it doesn’t have one nothing would work simply.

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Hp keyboard Backlight Settings Windows 11

To access Backlit settings on windows 11 you just need to go to Settings and check for the Backlit keyboard brightness. You can also do it the other way round by using the keyboard. For that, you have to press the Fn key with F4 or F5 key multiple times to adjust the brightness of the Backlit or turn it off or on.

Method To Adjust The Brightness Of The Keyboard Light 

Sometimes you need more keyboard light and sometimes less depends on your working area light. Well, in this case, you can adjust it to your needs.

  • Locate the function key and light keyboard key, press them a couple of times
  • Now Increase your light according to your need by pressing these and once you get the light exactly what you want. Stop pressing the keys.
  • Most laptops have only one. However, some laptops have RGB keyboard light options too.
Note You can also use an external gaming keyboard if you want RGB lights and your current laptop keyboard doesn’t have that option.


Now you have learned how to switch on the hp laptop keyboard lights. This extensive guide will help you with using the keyboard light. In case you are faded up using your old laptop and looking for a funky addition to your gadgets then ASUS ROG Strix G17 is what you need because it comes with a classy RGB Backlit keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why is my Hp laptop keyboard light not working?

    Your Hp laptop keyboard light is not working mainly when the Action key mode is disabled. Go to BIOS settings and enable that.  After that press the function key along with the Backlit key.

  2. Do Hp laptops have a light-up keyboard?

    Not all Hp laptops come with a light-up keyboard. However, some of these do have a Backlit keyboard. To check that, have a look at your keyboard and see if there is a Backlit key available or not. If there is no key it means it doesn’t have a Backlit.

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