How to Make Your Laptop Last Forever

We may earn small commission on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

No one wants to part with their favorite piece of tech. Laptops have essentially become a part of everyday life. One develops a kind of loyalty to a laptop so how to make your laptop last forever?

You can make your laptop last forever by maintaining computer care. Updating and keeping the storage run smoothly will increase laptop life by many years.

With time, most laptops become slow as a sloth. Several reasons like detriorating battery

You can increase your laptop’s life by many years by following computer care. Keeping the computer safe and working in its prime condition requires constant monitoring and updating without hogging the system.

During the pandemic, when work from home surged, there was an increase in laptop use. According to a study, there was a record 31 percent increase in laptop damage from the year 2020 to 2021 than prior years. 

So, it is important to save your laptop from all kinds of damage: physical and software ones to make it last forever. It is quite a feat if you can keep the same laptop for even 10 years. But we have also seen legends maintaining their OG laptop devices for almost 20 years.

10 Tips on How to Make Your Laptop Last Forever

It all comes down to how you maintain your device that makes it last longer. Like it’s said that it is the small things that matter the most. So, it is the small efforts that can increase your laptop’s lifespan by large.

  1. Keep The Laptop From Falling

Laptops are no Old Nokia sets that can be good against any kind of fall. So, bumping, jostling, or simply toppling off your laptop can damage it irreversibly. Also, avoid placing the laptop on edges or surfaces where it can easily fall.

  1. Avoid Any Spills

I had an episode where spilling food crumbs on my laptop resulted in its keyboard panel failing. It was a whole charade of changing and adjusting to those changes. 

However, you can save yourself from it by keeping all kinds of drinks and food away from your laptop. It can be hard to part from your favorite coffee while you work in a peaceful spot, but it will save your laptop in case of any accidental spill.

  1. Keep Your Laptop Maintained

To keep your laptop working in its glory with increased productivity, monitor it continuously. You can keep an on on all systems through Activity Monitor on your MacBook. 

Or, if you have a Windows laptop, you can do it through Windows Resource Management or Task Manager. So, you can remove the unused applications hogging and slowing down the system.

  1. Keep Your Laptop Cool

Memory is the king when it comes to the processing speed of any laptop, and it cannot run smoothly in heat. Running various programs all at once can hang your laptop. 

As it ages, such freezing episodes become more frequent. So, it is important to invest in good cooling fans and cooling pads for laptops to dissipate the heat and keep the workflow smooth.

  1. Save Your Laptop From Viruses

Often, malware or spyware can make your laptop painfully slow. Everything seems normal, but a single web page can take ages to reload. It can be a virus, so run a constant virus scan to make your laptop last forever.Up to date operating system – 

  1. Switch to SSD

Gone are the days when chunky hard drives were used in laptops. However, more space-efficient hard drives are still used in some laptop models. If you can change it, switch to an SSD that is much faster, more durable and quieter.

 It can save you a ton of storage space on your laptop. Also, you can still attach hard drives to your laptop to keep a backup for years and years of data.

  1. Make Cloud Storage

In most laptops, 80% of hard drive space is taken up to store data. As the local storage increases, it makes the laptop sluggish. Imagine scrolling through tons and tons of catalogs.

So it is good to transfer the data to cloud storage. iCloud and Google Drive are the inbuilt cloud storages that are available to its users. However, you can use Dropbox storage as well, with premium services for only $9.99 per month.

  1. Upgrade Battery and RAM

A laptop battery degrades over time, 80% of its original charge. You can make your laptop last forever by replacing its battery after every 3 to 5 years. Also, make sure to not use your laptop while plugged in.

Apart from the battery, upgrading the RAM can have a tremendous effect on the laptop’s speed. However, this option is not for all laptops. For instance, if your laptop has soldered RAM then it is not upgradeable.

  1. Update Operating System

With new updates, the old versions of the Operating System on any laptop get somewhat lagging. In addition, with constant use, the storage space is filled up that cannot be tracked down all at once.

An easy tactic to address this slow down is to back up your data and then a clean install the Operating System on your system. Also, it can make your laptop work at its optimum level.

  1. Deep Clean the Laptop

At times, only uninstalling the unused apps is not enough for the laptop. You can make your laptop last longer by deep cleaning its storage memory. 

At times the helper files that do not get deleted along with an app are removed by this process. You can use AppCleaner for MacBooks and Revo Uninstaller for Windows laptops to get rid of unnecessary data.


Overall, you can make your laptop last forever by keeping it updated and making timely upgrades. Proper laptop handling can increase its lifespan by many years and gives you the most value for money. So, keeping the laptop cool, updated, and protected is the key to its long use.

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