Why Is My Laptop Battery Draining So Fast? (6 Reasons With Solutions)

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We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Many of us prefer laptops over computers because of their easy-to-use interface and travel friendliness. As these are not power source-dependent so a laptop with good battery timing is great for people who travel a lot. But what if your laptop starts draining a lot of battery all of a sudden? 

The main reason why your laptop is draining its battery can be that the battery is too old to store power. That’s why it’s the time when you have to update the old battery and get yourself a new one. 

However, this is not the only reason why the battery life affects, there are many others too. So let’s have a look at those in this article and we’ll also learn about solutions to this problem in the end so be with me.

6 Common Reasons why is my Laptop Battery Draining so Fast?

Once we know the problem it becomes easier to fix that. So following are some reasons that can be responsible for the fast drainage of the battery. 

High Brightness

High brightness affects the battery timing the most. High screen brightness consumes more battery usage, so adjusting screen brightness can prolong the battery timing. Plus, it can be dangerous to the eyes too, so adjust the screen brightness to a medium level.

Keyboard Backlight

The keyboard backlight helps to type in the dark but it also consumes a lot of battery so make sure to turn it off when you are not using it. And also balance the backlight according to your need to overcome battery drainage.

Background Running Programs

Some apps and software keep on running in the background, which uses the battery of the laptop, so make sure you close them completely. Or a heavy load application like a demanding game or big software running in the background will also consume more power than usual and your battery will drain fast.

Peripheral Devices

Peripheral devices such as external hard drives, USB devices, and even Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can consume significant power from your laptop’s battery. If you have too many peripheral devices connected to your laptop, or if they are in constant use, they can drain the battery quickly. To conserve battery life, you can try disconnecting any peripheral devices that are not in use or limiting their usage when on battery power.

Old Battery

If your laptop battery is quite old, you ought to most likely realize that the battery loses its capacity to store power. So make sure to renew it.

Using Different Charger

Try to charge the laptop with the branded charger because these are specially made for your laptop and provide fast and safe charging. Using other brands or duplicate chargers can damage the laptop’s battery life.

5 Proven Ways To Stop The Laptop Battery From Draining

As now we know about all the possible reasons that can be responsible for the fast battery drainage, let’s look into the solutions now. So here are some methods which can stop the battery from draining fast.

Low your Brightness

Lowering the laptop brightness can help a lot in saving battery life and hence it will enable you to use it for long hours.

Unplug other Devices

Disconnect all the other devices connected to the laptop like printers or Wireless connections such as Wifi or Bluetooth. Make sure to turn these off when you are not using them as if they were still on it will have an impact on the laptop’s battery timing.

Change Laptop Power Setting

Adjust the laptop power consumption setting. Change the setting to sleep, it will help save battery when your screen is off.

Defuse keyboards Light

Many people use keyboard backlights to work. The keyboard backlight can be a big drain on your battery. Make sure to turn it off when not in use.

Change Battery

One of the main reasons is that the battery is too old or has stopped working correctly. So replace the battery with the new one and improve the battery timing.

Why is my Laptop Battery Draining Fast Even When I Power It Off (Fixed)?

The drainage of the battery, while the laptop is off can easily be solved by troubleshooting the laptop. To troubleshoot the laptop follow these steps. 

  • Open control panel
  • Search for troubleshooting
  • Select system and security
  • Click on power
  • Follow the instructions

If this does not work I’d recommend you to shut down the laptop for a while and then turn it on.


In this article, I’ve discussed all those reasons why your laptop is draining the battery faster than usual. The main reason why it is happening is the old battery so make sure to get yourself a new one. Also, keep in mind that using a different battery can damage the battery of the laptop so always use the original charger that comes with the laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How many hours does a laptop battery last?

    A laptop battery can last for about 2 hours to 4 hours. This also depends on the model of the laptop. And the other factors like applications, brightness

  2. Why is my Lenovo laptop battery draining so fast?

    The main factor why the Lenovo laptop battery timing is short is because the battery is old and it is in use for a long time and is working beyond the limit. So you need to change the laptop’s battery ASAP.

  3. Why is my HP laptop battery draining so fast?

    The HP laptop’s battery is draining fast because you are using applications that consume more power or your power settings are not adjusted.

  4. Why is my Dell laptop battery draining so fast?

    The Dell laptop battery is draining so fast because some applications or programs are running in the background and they are using your battery. So to turn off the programs, go to settings then go to privacy, and then background apps.

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