Why is My Laptop Battery Draining So Fast?

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We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Laptops are becoming popular day by day. It has become essential in this modern time. It provides a great experience while using an easy-to-use interface. While buying a laptop, one of the main factors that comes to mind is battery timing. Laptops are becoming popular because they don’t need any power source while charged so many people prefer laptops for compatibility.

Laptops battery timing is essential if you want a laptop. More battery timing, more work in any place like hotel, plane, etc. If your laptop’s battery is not running for quite some time and it drains so fast, your laptop is just like a pc. You have to plug it in for charging all the time and it is not portable. 


Many people have asked why my laptop battery is draining quickly in Windows 10. So these are the reasons why your battery is draining so fast and you have to plug it all the time.

High brightness

High brightness affects the battery timing. High screen brightness consumes more battery usage, so adjust your screen brightness for more battery time. And also can be very harmful for the eyes so adjust the screen brightness to a medium level.

Keyboard backlight

The keyboard backlight helps to type in the dark but it also consumes battery so make sure to turn it off when you are not using it. And also balance the backlight according to your need to save your battery drainage.

Background running programs

When you close some programs after finishing work they somehow are still running in the background, which uses the battery of your laptop, so make sure you close them completely. Or a heavy load application like a big game or big software running on your laptop will also consume more power than usual and your battery will drain fast.

Peripheral devices

One of the reasons for fast battery draining can be peripheral devices. It can be your external storage device or printer or anything. These devices are connected to your laptop, use your laptop’s battery.

Old battery

If your laptop battery is quite old, you ought to most likely realize that the battery loses its capacity to store power. So try to re-new it to give you a better battery timing experience.

Using different charger

Try to charge your laptop whether your laptop is for data science or for conferencing but charge with the branded charger because these are specially made for your laptop and provide fast and safe charging. Using other brands or duplicate chargers can affect your battery life, and your battery timing will become less.

How to stop my laptop battery from draining?

Your laptop’s battery drains so fast, and you have to plug it all the time, so these are the methods from which you can stop your battery from draining fast.

Low your brightness

This is one of the main factors of your battery draining so fast. Low the brightness of your laptop, and will affect the battery timing.

Unplug other devices

Other devices connected to your laptop like printers or Wireless connections such as wifi or Bluetooth. Make sure to turn them off when you are not using them as if they were still on it will have an impact on laptop battery timing.

Change laptop power setting.

Adjust your laptop power consumption setting. Change the setting to sleep, it will help save battery when your screen is off.

Defuse keyboards light

Many people use keyboard backlights to work. The keyboard backlight can be a big drain on your battery and make sure to turn it off when not in use.

Change battery

One of the main reasons is that your battery is old or has stopped working correctly. To replace the battery with the new one and improve your battery timing.

Why my laptop battery is draining fast even when power off?

Draining the battery while your laptop is off is not a sign of a small problem. To find out the problem, you have to troubleshoot 

  • Open control panel
  • Search for troubleshooting
  • Select system and security
  • Click on power
  • Follow the instructions

If this does not work I prefer you to shut down your laptop.

How many hours a laptop battery is supposed to last?

A laptop battery is supposed to last for about 2 hours to 4 hours. This also depends on the model of your laptop. And the other factors like applications, brightness, and other devices connected to your laptop and laptop’s power setting. These are the factors on which laptop’s battery timing depends on

Why my Lenovo laptop battery is draining so fast?

The main factor is that your Lenovo laptop battery timing is so short because the battery is old or used for a long time and is working beyond the limit. So I prefer to change or replace your laptop’s battery.

Why my HP laptop battery is draining so fast?

There could be many reasons your HP laptop’s battery is draining so fast. You may be using applications that consume more power or your power settings are not adjusted.

Why my Dell laptop battery is draining so fast?

Your Dell laptop battery is draining so fast because there are some applications or programs running in the background and they are using your battery. So to turn off the programs, go to setting then go to privacy, and then background apps.


Laptops are becoming popular and many people prefer them because they run without the source of power when charged so this mechanism makes them very portable and people can work anywhere. But when your laptop battery is draining so fast, it becomes useless to take it out. so you can improve your battery timing and use a laptop with charging for some time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does a Laptop battery last?

    A laptop battery lasts for 2 to 4 years for its safe usage time.

  2. Why does laptop battery drain fast?

    It is because of several reasons. The main reasons are, you are using a heaving application that is utilized more power or brightness, keyboard light, etc.

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