Is Alienware worth it? Every Penny, (A Detailed Analysis)

We may earn small commission on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Alienware has improved much during the past few years and has provided the gamers the best they could get. However, these PCs and laptops come with a hefty price which makes people think is Alienware worth it? Or does the cost justify the specs?

To put it simply, yes Alienware laptops are worth the price. It offers a lot more than it costs from the design, durability to graphics, and hardware, everything about this dell series justifies the bucks that one has spent on the purchase. 

In case you want a detailed analysis of Alienware, what it offers, and what it lacks then here I will discuss everything in detail. So that you can easily decide whether Alienware is worth buying or not.

Alienware Desktop Vs Laptop

Alienware makes both laptops and desktop systems for low to high budgets. To decide which one is better, the following factors must be considered.

  1. Convenience

The advantage of a laptop over a desktop is the convenience of taking a laptop with you anywhere. If you live in a hostel and travel a lot, the best choice for you is to get an Alienware laptop rather than a desktop system.

  1. Price

Price is also the factor to be noted when deciding between desktops and laptops. On a desktop, you can get the exact specifications of laptops at a lower price. The laptops are a bit expensive because of the laptop’s complex design, built-in keyboard, and mouse, and they could also be taken anywhere. In the case of a desktop, the price of a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and a headphone must be considered.

  1. Space

The fact that the desktop takes more space than a laptop cannot be ignored. But Alienware laptops can be used for any purpose. It can be used for hacking, cyber security, data science, and for many other purposes. So before deciding what to get an Alienware laptop or a desktop, you must consider the size of the table you have. If you have a small table, the laptop is much preferable.

So depending upon the above factors, one must decide to get a laptop or a desktop.

New Alienware Aurora R11 Gaming Desktop

Best in the market
New Alienware Aurora R11 Gaming Desktop
9.4/10Our Score

Alienware aurora R11 is one of the best gaming pc which you could get but is also among the most expensive ones. This is a prebuilt gaming pc that has a powerful 10th generation processor chip making it super-fast and suitable while gaming. 

This fast processor is combined with a massive 128GB RAM of higher bandwidth. This beast pc, with its high-end processor and RAM, excels in every task which requires a processor and RAM.

Graphics Support:

Graphic card support of NVIDIA RTX 3090 takes this laptop to another level. With specs like these, this laptop can do anything required with relative ease. The graphic quality is also on another level making it the best pc which a person could get.

Is it worth buying?

Whether The Aurora R11 is worth buying depends on how you see it. The price tag is much higher for the specs mentioned above, but one can also get a cheaper version with less RAM, processor, and a small GPU. If looks matter to you more and you can afford the higher version of the Aurora R11, then you should go for it.

What Alienware Offers?

Alienware is always known as the best laptop for gaming, so it comes with advanced features to take the gaming experience to another level. Here are some things which Alienware offers

  1. High Performance

Alienware laptops are usually high-end laptops with advanced and latest Intel 10th generation i7 or i9 processors, making them much faster while gaming and performing other heavy tasks. These multi-thread processors make these laptops much more suitable for multitasking.

With a powerful processor, they are packed with other exceptional features, making them perform even better while doing heavy tasks. These laptops are packed with high-speed RAM and superfast storage options, and on top of it, it’s a beautiful alien-themed design.

  1. High-Quality Display

Alienware laptops have significantly focused on gaming, so a higher refresh rate matters a lot for competitive gamers. These Alienware laptops have a high-quality FHD display with an immensely excellent refresh rate of 300Hz in m15 and a rapid refresh rate of 360Hz in M17. These higher refresh rates combined with a high-quality FHD display enhance the overall quality of gaming.

  1. Better Heat Flow

Alienware laptops have the latest Cryo-tech as their thermal technology. These laptops have a powerful fan that runs at high voltage, thermal pipes, etc. These latest technologies help them stay cool and perform at their best while doing heavy tasks.

  1. Ports

Gamers require multiple ports to connect various components like headphones, mouse, microphones, etc. Alienware laptops have the necessary ports which is the need of all the gamers out there. It has a USB 3.0 port, HDMI ports, and many more.

  1. High-Quality Keypad

A smooth and soft keypad makes the gaming and other experiences much more significant. Alienware laptops have a smooth and decent-looking keypad with full RGB lights. These laptops allow the user to customize the RGB lighting of each key. This RGB lighting elevates the laptop’s overall look.

What It lacks?

There is nothing perfect in this world, the same is the case with this laptop. With its many advanced features, this laptop also lacks some sections, which are explained as follows.

  1. Weight

Alienware laptops are a bit bulky and heavy and almost weigh up to 10 pounds, while you can quickly get gaming laptops of other brands which weigh only around 5 pounds. Their design makes these laptops heavy, so if you want a light laptop for gaming, then Alienware laptops are not for you.

  1. Costly

Alienware laptops with their best performance come with a high price tag and are around 2000 -4000$, which is quite a heavy sum. You can quickly get a laptop which could be sufficient for gaming even under 1000$. The other brand laptops will not perform like Alienware laptops but could provide a decent gaming experience.


If you have a budget and want to buy a laptop or a pc, especially for gaming and heavy tasking, you should go for Alienware. These PCs and laptops justify their price by giving the best a person could get and want from a laptop or a pc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is Alienware long-lasting? 

    Yes, Alienware laptops are quite desirable and known to have a lifespan of 7 to 10 years. These laptops are not only great at performance but their built quality is also amazing which makes these sturdy and long-lasting.

  2. Are Alienware laptops reliable? 

    Definitely, these are, in fact, if I say that Alienware is the second name of reliability then I wouldn’t be wrong. Not only in terms of durability but also because of working efficiency. 

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