What Kind Of Laptop Do I Have? (6 ways to find out)

We may earn small commission on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Are you struggling to figure out what kind of laptop you have so that you can buy a new battery for it? Or are you trying to find out the specs of your Ideapad to make sure that your laptop is meeting the requirements for installing a new game? Well, whatsoever is the case, It is always crucial to know the exact kind of model of your Laptop before downloading new software or purchasing a new laptop to check the comparability. 

The easiest option for finding the laptop’s model is to check the printed sticker on it. Flip your laptop, and find out the serial number of your laptop on its outer case. Some manufacturers indicate the model type near the mouse pad on the inner shell. After doing this you will get enough data to distinguish your laptop from other models. 

For knowing more in detail about how to check your laptop model on HP, Dell, and Acer? Just keep reading this article.

Check The Laptop’s Model Number 

Are you going to troubleshoot your new laptop? Before troubleshooting, spare some time to check the model number of your laptop to avoid any misunderstanding. Keep in mind that finding out the model number is not a difficult task, no matter whether you have a Lenovo IdeaPad or a Hp version. Here are some instructions to follow.

By Turning the Laptop Upside Down

  • Turn your laptop upside-down. All manufacturers provide the model number with a logo on the outer shell. 
  • You will find a small text printed with a logo with little or no effort. 
  • Some companies provide the brand name with the number, while others may mention these separately. However, hardly any company exists that doesn’t print such primary information. 

Can’t find the model number by using this method? No worries. Sometimes, you need to remove the lower case to check the Laptop’s Model Number. The sincere advice is to go for the second option in such a case.

By using  Control Panel

Finding the model number through the control panel is better than losing the screws while removing the bottom case. 

So here is what you need to do

  • Type the “Control Panel” in the search bar. Click on the icon as it appears. 
  • Click on the option of “System and Security.”
  • Open the “System” tab. 
  • Here you will find the information about your Laptop number. 

Check for Specs 

There are different ways to find out RAM, CPU, and GPU. 

For Finding The CPU 

  • Press the window key on your keyboard. 
  • Open the “System” tab from the list. 
  • A menu will appear. Find out the “Device specifications” in the middle of the menu. 
  • The CPU will be available here with other specifications. 

For Finding The RAM

  • Go to the “System” tab.
  • Now click Device Specifications.
  • You can find RAM here along with CPU and other specs too. 

For Finding The GPU

GPU counts a lot for game lovers. It is essential to find out the GPU before installing a new game. It lets you know whether a game will run on your laptop or not. To find details about GPU what you need to do is

  • Again press the window key on your keyboard. 
  • Select “Device Manager.”
  • A drop-down menu showing all devices connected to your laptop will appear. 
  • Select “Display Adapters” from it. 
  • Here you will find out the GPU. There can be two provisions for stand-alone GPU and integrated GPU. A stand-alone GPU is worthy of note. 

What kind of laptop do I have (Lenovo)?

One can find the Lenovo model number by using the system information tab.

  • Click on the start button. A menu will appear.
  • Click on the “System Information” tab. 
  • Find the model number in the new menu opened. 

What kind of laptop model do I have (Acer)?

One easy way is to check the model sticker on the rear part of your Acer Aspire. If you cannot find the model number doing this, you can follow the following steps: 

  • Reboot your Acer Aspire. 
  • Press the F2 key from the keyboard to open the bios of your Acer model. 
  • You will find the model number in the information tab. 
  • Press the Esc key to turn off bios. 

What kind of Laptop do I have (Dell)?

Dell also provides the easiest method of checking the model number.

  • Right-click on the start button. 
  • Go into the System section. 
  • Click on the settings and then device specifications. 
  • You will get your required information. 

What kind of Laptop do I have (Hp)?

You can check the type of your Hp laptop by using the HP support assistant. 

  • Open the start menu.
  • Type “HP” in the search bar. 
  • Click on HP support assistant from the menu.
  • All the device specs will be available here. 

What kind of laptop do I have (Asus)?

You can check the specs of your Asus laptop by checking the properties. 

  • Press the window key on your keyboard.
  • The start menu will open. 
  • Click on the laptop and then on properties. 
  • Your model number will be available here. 

What kind of laptop do I have (Apple)?

One can figure out the Apple model number from the apple menu. An Apple or Mac menu is available on the screen. Click on the “About this Mac.” You will find your information here. 


So now you must be sure about the answer to your question “what kind of laptop do I have”. If you’re a college student and looking for an all-in-one laptop as a solution to your many problems then I recommend you buy Acer Aspire 5 because it’s known for its vega 3 graphics and affordable price. You can also opt for HP 15.6″ FHD Touchscreen laptop as it works amazingly for college-going students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What kind of laptop do I need for college?

    College students need different laptops compared to gamers or professionals. A general rule of thumb is that a laptop having an intel core i5 processor with a 15 inches display is suitable for a college student. Moreover, 128 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM are enough to support the workload of a college-going student. 

  2. What kind of laptop do I have windows 10?

    For checking your laptop model on windows 10 open the system information tab and then go to system summary now you can click and read the system model here. 

  3. How many GB of RAM do I need for my laptop?

    If you're purchasing the laptop for college then 4 GB of RAM is more than enough. However, if you're thinking to buy a laptop for gaming and multimedia-related tasks then it should be at least 8 to 16 GB.

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