Best Grass Type Pokémon

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We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

There are various types of Pokémon for example in Pokémon GO there are 18 types of Pokémon including Fire Pokémon, Water Pokémon, Ice Pokémon, Grass Pokémon, etc. Grass-type Pokémon is one of the main types of Pokémon which are mainly terrestrial in features; they are best-used opponents for Water-type, Ground-type, and Rock-type Pokémon. Grass-type Pokémon include almost 118 Pokémon in total.

Best Grass Type Pokemon

75 are dual-type grass Pokémon, 43 are single-type grass Pokémon and others have only grass-type moves, Although the best grass type Pokémon can stand against mostly all sorts of faction-types except the water type.

Apart from Fire and Water Grass-type Pokémon serve as the most essential starters. Statistics described them as one of the weakest amongst the most as there are several Pokémon that have less effect on their attacks but Grass-type Pokémon benefits you more than just battles against water, ground, and rock types.

As they have one of the greatest defensive techniques of all time making them a crucial part and need of the game specifically the start of the game, for example, Bulbasaur, lvysaur, Gloom, Paras, Bellssprout, Weepinbell are among few grass-type Pokémon.

From the very start of the game, you are playing or battling and you are given three choices of Pokémon that are fire, water, or grass type, and due to most of your challenging concerns, we would recommend you to choose Grass-types. You must choose this for the ultimate win as they will never disobey you like the fire Pokémon of Ash Ketchum’s Charizard.

As we knew watching the TV show how evolution brings the drastic change in the Charmeleon but hold on this will never happen with your Grass types as they grew up being cuter and more powerfully stable and effective with moves. They will aid in the clash against many top-tier Pokémon trainers let’s say ‘Brock’ as he has many Rock-type Pokémons.

Your grass types put them to knees if you are well prepared with grass-types in your lineup. Another example is our popular Misty as she has many water-types so you well equipped with your grass-types can easily win the battle against her as well.

We know Grass types are very weak against Fire types so here’s good news that the total number of fire types are also very less as compared to grass types there are only 72 Fire-type Pokémon having only 32 strategic attacks in total.

So, you have many plus points with your Grass-type Pokémon team. Now I will describe which Grass types are best, why are they so best for your game, and how they will drag you to success in battles with their extravagant qualities.

Top 11 foremost Grass-type Pokémon of all time

Under the convenience the certain Grass types provide that is effective attack rate, defensive adaptation, healing strengths, and winning rates they occupy in battle/Game Following are Top 11 most powerful Grass-type Pokémon.



Exeggutor ranked number 10 in our all-time most popular and strongest Grass-type Pokémon due to various specifications it holds. Talking about appearance it is the scary coconut tree apparently with faces replacing the coconuts having each mouth with apparent canines. Here will talk about both Kantonian and Alolan Exeggutor although both are grass-type dual Kantonian Exeggutor is Grass and psychic whereas Alolan Exeggutor is Grass and dragon type.

This Pokémon has a 50% gender ratio for both males and females. Both are Damaged by Normal, Rock, Steel, Dragon, and Fairy-type Pokémon but Resistant and strong towards Fighting, Ground, Water, Grass, Electric, and Psychic Pokémon types. Though they are weak somehow both have amazing tactics towards opponents having moves like Seed Bomb, Psyshock, Wood Hammer, Mega Drain, Confusion, Extrasensory, and many more. Making them both stand tough against opponents and very best in Grass-types among all grass types present.



Virizion is in our top 10 due to its unique features and attacks. This Grassland Pokémon looks like a combination of a deer and Green bird with the pinkish leaves on its upper half of the neck and painted white on its ventral side.

It is a dual-type Pokémon which is Grass and Fighting-type. It is unique such that it has no gender associated with it and it is its unevolved form it was introduced in Generation 5 with it being not evolved from any other Pokémon. It can be evolved into no Pokémon and also being a member of Swords of justice making it unusual from the rest.

It has a height of 2.0 meters and a weight of 200 kg. It has a maximum HP of 189 on level 50 overall 90. With main moves including special defense against all the other grass types, Quick Attack, Magical Leaf, Double kick, Close combat, and Sacred Sword. This Pokémon is weak towards 6 Pokémon types and normally damaged by 6 types but at the same time it is very strong and damage 6 types of Pokémon as well making it stand at top 9 in all grass-type Pokémon.

It has a long list of other moves including Quick guard, Retaliate, Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, etc.



This flower-like Mushroom ranks number 8 in our top ten best Grass types due to various unique properties. It is dual-type Pokémon which is Grass and poison with the ability of Chlorophyll Effect Spore. It was introduced in Generation 1. It has a purple body with a flower on its head. It has a 50% ratio of females and males in it.

If we talk about evolution this flower-like Pokémon is evolved from Gloom which was evolved from the unevolved form Oddish although all the 3 members are very strong Grass types the second evolutionary form which is Vileplume is the best and strongest form among the family. It is big heavy grass Pokémon with a height of 1.2 meters and a weight of 18.6 kg. If we talk about its main moves it can cause a cloud of toxins in form of pollen toxins.

Petal Blizzard, Mega Drain, Giga Drain, Petal Dance, Solar Beam, and Acid are the main and very powerful moves it poses. It has vulnerability against Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Dragon, Dark types but it is very strong against Fighting, Water, Grass, Electric, and Fairy types which makes it stronger and more adapted. At level 50 its HP ranges from 135 to 182 until generation 5. This Pokémon will never leave you alone in the difficulty of games it is armored with many other strong moves too like Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Moon blast, etc.



Serperior is our royal and regal Pokémon standing on rank 7 due to many of its strategic properties. It is single-type Pokémon that is only Grass-type. If we talk about its external looks then we will see that it is just a kind of Royal snake with a white face, Green collars, and pointed Green and Golden ears it looks as if this reptile has worn a dragon emperor dress making it look both Dangerous and Royal. It is present as 87.5% males and 12.5% females in gender ratio.

This Grass Pokémon has evolved from Servine at level 36 and Servine evolved from Snivy at level 17. Serperior is a classic Grass-type snake which is 3.3 meters long with 63.0 kg weight. Why it stands on rank 7 is because of the attacks it processes the main moves includes Glaring at the opponent Pokémon that makes the opponent Pokémon still and stops the attack. The strongest moves also include Vine Whip and Grass Knot move with maximum CP of 2,277 and HP of 154 (at level 40).

This Grass-type Pokémon is weak against Flying, Fire, Poison, Ice, and Bug Pokémon but strong towards the rest of them.  Being in top 7 this Pokémon process many other dangerous moves that are noteworthy it can Tackle, Leer, Wrap, use Leaf tornado, Leaf blade, Gastro Acid, leaf storm, etc. that makes him so strong in Grass types.



This iron spinning ball with spines is our top 6 for many defining reasons first of all talking about the type, it is Dual type Pokémon that is Grass and Steel, Iron Spines anticipation is the prime quality of this strong Pokémon. Grass Pokémon? Yes, it is a metal ball with Green thorns which makes it both powerful and Grass-type with green rims and green vines above his head. Talking about gender then you can never guess the particular gender as it is 50% male and 50% female.

It has a 2-member family including itself and Ferroseed from which it is evolved on level 40. It is 1.0-meter-high and 110.0 kg heavy. It is immune to poison and very dangerous against Pokémon of Water, Normal, Rock, Steel, Electric, Grass, Psychic, Dragon, and Fairy types. Being strong against many makes it weak towards lesser Pokémon that are Fighting and Fire Pokémon only and damaged by Ghost, Ground, Flying, Dark, Bug, and Ice Pokémon.

The main moves include Power Whip, Metal Claw, Flash Cannon, Iron Head, and Gyro Ball with 74 HP, 94 attacks, and 131 defenses in statistics of Game making it both Strong and unique among Grass-type Pokémon.



It ranked number 5 in our best grass type Pokémon due to its unique characteristics and powers. It’s not your ordinary owl looking Pokémon with an appearance like Bird and a Pokémon with a fierce green hood. It is dual-type Pokémon which is Grass and Ghost combined which was shown in the 7th generation. It has 87.5% males and 12.5% females if we talk about gender ratio and at the beginning of level 34, it was shown as an extraordinary evolution from Dartrix which costs 34 candy and Dartrix evolved from Rowlet.

Decidueye flies fast and have a very long range with a height of 1.6 meters and a weight of 36.6 kg it is loaded with extravagant moves against other Pokémon making it stand proud in rank 5 for us. This arrow quill Pokémon has several attacks main attacks include Spirit Shaklee, Brave Bird, Shadow Sneak, and Leaf blade. It can overgrow HP of 78 and CP of 2775,210 attacks, and defense of 179 in Pokémon GO.

Though it is very weak against Dark, Ghost, Ice, Fire, and Flying Pokémon it is very resistant against many Fighting, Normal, Electric, Grass, Ground, and water Pokémon which made it stand tough in our top 5 ranks in Grass types.



Leafeon is in our top 4 this grassy cat-like Grass-type Pokémon is Single type which is just Grass-type. It is a 4-Legged mammal with leaves in its tail chest and ears making it one of the classiest Grass-types made for the game. Introduced in generation 4. It is 80% for males and the remaining are females. It is fast with hidden abilities and strong moves made us place it on rank 4. Leafeon belongs to the Eevee family having 6 more members it evolves from Eevee like Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, and Glaceon.

This tan mammal has 1-meter height and 25.5 kg weight being strongest among the family its best moves against opponents are Quick Attack and Solar beam and Razor leaf in defense too. It has a maximum CP of 2,944 and a maximum HP of 140 with great damage on the level. Though it is weak against Fire, Flying, Poison, Bug, and Ice types it is very strong and versatile against Water, Grass, Electric, and Ground Pokémon with up to 63 % of damage.

As described earlier about its main moves it has other very effective moves which include Leaf Blade, Energy Ball, and Last Resort is the elite attack provided in-game. These attacks and damages to opponents make it stand on rank 4 in our best Grass types.


CELEBI Pokemon

Celebi occupies number 3 in our popularity chart which includes how strong, powerful, and popular a Pokémon is and why. It is Dual-type that is Grass and physic type time-traveling Pokémon. It is a little green bee-like Pokémon introduced in the 2nd generation and has no gender regarded it. It is the second mythical Pokémon which is so rare as well that it occupies 3rd position in our ranks of Grass types. It is really cute and so unique that it is not evolved from nay certain Pokémon but came for future results from crossing.

If we talk about moves the main moves are Psychic and Confusion with high DPS in PVP battles. Though every Pokémon is weak against some others we will focus on the resistance it has high resistance towards the number of Pokémon for example especially Fighting, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, and ground Pokémon with up to 63% of damage. It has a maximum CP of 3,265 and maximum HP is 189 achieved in level 40.

This small green bee-like cute Pokémon weighs 5 kg and a height of 0.61 meters. Other moves it offers include Hyper Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Seed bomb, and Charge beam making it strong and one of the top-notches among Grass-type Pokémon.



It is our top 2 Grass-type Pokémon in our most popular strongest grass types. It is also Dual-type that is Grass and Dragon-type. It comes 3rd in its family as it is evolved from Grovyle which was evolved from Treecko. It is mostly used as starter Pokémon as we need the best one for a challenging game. This Green dragon-like Pokémon is fierce with a weight of 52.2kg and a height of 1.7 m. It was introduced in Generation 3 evolved in the 36th level.

If we talk about its moves the best move from Pokémon goes is Bullet seed with its leaf blades it helps to return energy too. Fury Cutter and Frenzy Plant are great moves for Gym battles, PVP battles.

It is vulnerable to many Pokémon but it has great resistance towards Water, Grass, Electric, and Ground Pokémon with up to 63% damage to each maximum. Though we need to have 100 candy to evolve Grovyle to Sceptile it is most helpful and powerful as compare to Treecko and Grovyle.

It has a maximum CP of 2,757 and a maximum HP of 147 which happens in level 40. This is a great deal that we get from this fierce dragon looking grass Pokémon which helps us win in past and helps as one of the most attacking Pokémon from Grass-types.



It is our most popular by occupying 1st position in our grass-type top 10 list.  It is Dual-type that is Grass and Poison Pokémon it’s evolution is into Ivysaur and Venusaur but here we will discuss how Bulbasaur as the prime quality wise best fit for your startup needs. It has Bluish-green skin with patches, has red eyes, and a long mouth with upper fangs visible. It has one of the finest moves and best at Vine Whip and powered Whip move that has no chance over opponents in PVP battles.

Bulbasaur is vulnerable to very less Pokémon and has resistance towards many others like water, electric, fairy, fighting, and other grass types. With 600 Boss HP, it secured a position of Raid Boss in Tier 1 raids. 1,115 is its Maximum CP with its strongest moves in the game at the 40th level. It looks very cute and adorable with a big Seed on its back giving it a cubby appearance but that seeds grow and helps to attack the most poisoning attacks which made an instant shut down in the opposite Pokémon.

This mere 6.9 kg with 0.7 meters high Pokémon is so strong and attractive that will not only lead you to game change from the start but with its attack, it can be used anywhere when losing. Other attacks include Seed bomb, Sludge bomb, Frustration shadow, and Purification Returns. Its bombs and whips have the most powerful damage to opponents that makes it our best Grass-type Pokémon.

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