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We may earn small commission on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Pokémon is a fictional character that was presented by the Japanese company, established by Game Freak and Nintendo. Later, this fictional character became famous outside Japan. It was the most addictive series. The publicity of this fictional character brought the Pokémon games for its fans. These games have all the features to grab the heart and minds of its fans. These games included fighting, battling, and catching, and has all the qualities a Pokémon fan wanted.

Pokemon Fan Games

Pokémon became one of the highest grossed franchises and, the original game series of Pokémon is ranked second best video game selling the franchise. The Pokémon games were not only sold in markets but also, the Pokémon games were downloaded by a billion users all over the world.

The success of this game series is not affected by time. Besides, a lot of people wait for the release of new Pokémon games. The Pokémon game fans are never tired of spending quality time with these stress-releasing games. Many fans built the Pokémon games themselves and uploaded these games on the play store and app store.

There are many Best Pokémon fan games introduced in recent years but we will show you the best ones among them, which are ranked popularly among the users. We will update the list of best Pokémon fan games. So, don’t forget to visit the site again for the best recommendations.

Pokémon Phoenix Rising

This Pokémon fan game is built by using the RPG XP Maker and the essentials of Pokémon. This game is unpaid. The Pokémon phoenix developers are not interested in in-game payments. They have developed a game that can be enjoyed and played by every Pokémon lover.

The story of this game is not traditional in addition to the multiple choices for the story. Besides, the game is developed by non-professional volunteers who love the heart capturing the fictional character of Pokémon. The Pokémon Phoenix Rising was developing for many years, and then its first demo was launched in 2018. The demo gained much popularity among teens and Pokémon fans.

The story of the Pokémon phoenix rising is versatile. You have to make different choices and these choices will choose the type of ending. The theme of the game is the establishment of peace in Hawthorne that is Oracle’s council.  

Pokémon Uranium

Pokémon Uranium was in the process of development for nine years and was in a building process by its fans. It used the engine of RPG XP Maker for its development. Also, there are 166 new Pokémon species in this game. These species are the fan-made Pokémon. The Pokémon uranium has online trading and battling features. So, you can trade or battle, enjoying online at your comfortable place.

In this game, the player sails around the region that is known as Tandor, where he meets 200 fan-made Pokémon. The hero has to collect eight badges and defeat other players in a league to win the Pokémon championship. The person who wins the Pokémon champion league will become a Pokémon champion among the others. The hero of this game is a suspicious person who notices different happenings around him from its start and is curious to know the reason behind them.

Also, this game was in nominations, for the best fan creation category in 2016. But before the award announcement, it was removed due to the copying of some features. Still, it is considered the best game among teenagers.

Pokémon Reborn

Pokémon reborn is a Pokémon fan game that can be downloaded on devices. Besides, this game is not for money. This game is free so everyone who is a Pokémon lover will love this game and access it with ease. Many Pokémon fan games were dragged down, due to the similarities between Nintendo games, but this game provides no reason to be dragged down.

The story of this game is long enough to be cherished. The story begins from a train and continues with different adventures. The story of this game has a unique base. So, the player can enjoy every part of the game. Besides, this game can be played on android devices and are downloadable in the form of the APKS. This game will allow a Pokémon fan to reduce stress and enjoy it anywhere at home or outside the home.

Besides, this game did not take much time for its completion. It was completed in just two weeks and was released in 2012. It was developed by a Pokémon fan Amethyst. It was created in the XP RPG maker.  This game is one that can be accessed by any of your devices without any payments. 

Pokémon Brown

This game was created by Koolboyman, in early 2004. Initially, this game had 151 Pokémon but, this game had a remake in the year 2009 with an increase of 224 Pokémon. The more the Pokémon are, the more Pokémon lovers are attracted to the game. The Pokémon make the game worth more interesting for its fans. This game had its last remake in the year 2014.

There were many heart capturing changes in the last remake of Pokémon brown. The attack damage to the wings was increased, and the bike can be used in Johto, the haunted forest, and the other places which were having no access to the bike. So, you will be riding your bike anywhere you want to. Some of the Pokémon can learn TM.

Besides, its new types attract users. These types include the wind, sound, gas wood, and the abnormal type. They allow you to choose and play with unique and new features. The Pokémon type changes are also possible.

Pokémon Insurgence

Pokémon Insurgence has a certain different storyline with more unique features. There are thousands of players on this game at a time. The game takes you to a whole new world where you can explore different regions with different areas and different adventures. You enjoy every bit of this game. This game is popular among most Pokémon lovers. Being a fan game it is built with the Pokémon essentials.

You can trade and battle along with different people. Online trading allows you to trade with your friends. This game is an addictive game for Pokémon fans. This game is completed and is available with no bugs and errors to face. It has good development as most of the bugs are already fixed. You can obtain any Pokémon so, you will not need to wait to get your favorite one. But being a heavy game, this game cannot be played on a mobile phone but is available for the windows.

Also, this game is free to download on 7, 8, and Windows 10. Additionally, this game has delta Pokémon that are some special Pokémon with different features. The best starter of this game is Eevee that develops your interest in this game and is stronger than the other deltas.

Pokémon Sage

The Pokémon sage is inspired, by the region of South America and is named Urobos in the game. The story begins in the region of Urobos, where the hero faces many adventures. This land has different mysteries and surprises for the player. These games cause suspense for the player, and he enjoys solving a mystery. The game follows the culture of Latin America, and all its characters are inspired by it.

The 4chan board members developed this game. Besides, this game includes human characters and a different plot and story. The game contains beautiful sceneries of a green forest, jungle, snowy mountains, and desert. The game starts from the snowy mountains; You will enjoy versatility in the video game by traveling towards the different regions. Two players are named Simon and Sofia. You can select one of them with your choice.

The game is designed for Microsoft Windows and has used RPG maker like all the other Pokémon fan games for its development. The development of this game took much time. It was started in the year 2012 and released in the year 2014.

Pokémon Clover

Pokémon Clover is the most recent Pokémon game which is completed in the year 2020. The developers of this game spent quality time on the best plot and characters. This game depicts the image of the true Pokémon fans.

This game is a ROM hack of the previous Pokémon FireRed game and is presented beautifully to its fans. This game has an addition of two more new regions, Ebin Isles and Fochun. Besides, there are 386 fakemons in this game. This game shows the mixture of both the 4chan culture and the real Pokémon culture.

This game has a hard difficulty level as compared to most of the Pokémon games. So, you will not need much effort to win the clover championship. It’s not easy to get through the final levels of this game. The game will allow you to meet many Pokémon and different adventures with them. If you started this game once, you can not quit this game without winning the championship. It is an addiction.

Pokémon Glazed

This game is a ROM hack of the Pokémon Emerald that was developed by Lucbui. Additionally, you will be able to choose from the five different starters and can travel to the regions that include Rankor, Johto, and Tunod.

It is a kind of a dream world of Pokémon where you get a Pokémon to solve mysteries. There are Pokémon from the regions of Unovo, Sinnoh, and Kalos. So, you will be able to meet Pokémon worlds along with the real world.

This game features eight legendaries from the region of Unovo, Kanto, and Sinnoh with new and different battle effects that were not available in other previous Pokémon games. It allows move damages. These damages may be physical.

Besides, the story starts from a region of Tunod. The hero is born there and is given a Pokémon at the age of twelve. The Pokémon will stay with him forever and protect him. There are different mysteries you need to solve. You have to win and save the Pokémon world. You have to be ready for every kind of outcome.

Pokémon Blazed Glazed

If a person has played Pokémon glazed, then he should try this Pokémon glazed blazed too. The base of this game is traditional. The storyline of this game is on a trainer of Pokémon.

The Pokémon trainer faces many different mysteries and finds out that there is something bigger than he can even imagine. The villain in this game is similar to the one in the Pokémon movie series. So, you will be facing the world you have seen before. The difficulty level of the game increases over time. You will be able to encounter different Pokémon from different generations.

This game is a hack of a game that was already the best hack. So, you will be able to get the best from the best. There are different gyms and you will be able to enjoy all of them. Besides, the different regions will make your game a unique one. The story of this game will take you to a new world where you will be a decider and you will be able to select the best choices. You will be able to train different Pokémon and reach a whole new part of the story.

Besides, the game has two evolutions. The one is Off and the other is def. These evolutions continue to the critters. These hacks are completed and available. So, a preferred one can be picked.

Pokémon Snakewood

This game was developed by a ROM hacker named Cutlerine and is a ROM Hack of one of the previous Pokémon games, Pokémon Ruby. It is a story about the years after Ruby. The game continues the story after the Pokémon ruby.

The game starts with a boy or a girl who opens their eyes to a destroyed town. They have no memory of the past. The player selects a Pokémon and travels out of the town to find birch. The player’s brother went to fight the zombies who are responsible for the destruction but have-not returned. The player then decides to solve the mysteries and to find his brother. The player has to fight for his rights and his people.

After the start of the journey, the player notices many different things in the town. This Pokémon game allows the player to catch different fake moans, face revolutions, and zombies; this game is a dark version of the Pokémon game and is a creepy, horrifying adventure for Pokémon lovers. You will be the younger brother of the real Pokémon series character. 

Pokémon Clockwork

Pokémon Clockwork is also known as a fan game whenever it comes to the best variety of Pokémon games. This game was specially created using Pokémon accessories. Whenever you watch this game, you see it in which the players look like they are moving towards the rural areas of the rosary.

By using this game, you can demand action through someone other than the legendary Pokémon Slabby who has traveled all the time to warn of a vicious attack by a mysterious team whose rosary will be added to the ruins. After playing this game, your goal becomes clear to stop Team Apollon from carrying out its nefarious plan before it’s too late.

When it comes to the various Pokémon occupations within this game, the game known as Clockwork includes General One to Four Pokémon occupations. At the same time, you will find a lot of different unique features in this game.

Within a variety of unique features, you’ll find quest systems, day/night cycles, time travel mechanics, new tricks, gameplay rebalances, and dynamic Pokémon evolution that could be mid-war. So overall, this is one of the best games to exercise your brain.

Pokémon Rejuvenation

Whenever there is talk of a Pokémon Rejuvenation game, it is a three-story game based on such a story. Within this game, Generation 7 has been added to V13 on January 8, despite all the difficulties.

This game will be very useful and interesting and you will have a lot of fun playing it. Also, each non-legendary Pokémon will be available for capture. The Pokémon game known as Pokémon rejuvenation comes from people who formed that reawakening and is therefore included in many features.

Within this game, we have an interesting sequence. The area of Avium will be destroyed after a great disaster once known as the strong united nation. Since then the people of Avium have been slowly rebuilding and restoring this land. At the same time, things change for the worse in this game when a nefarious organization called Team Zen emerges from the shadows.

In this game, you get 18-time gyms. In this game, eight elite members are involved in the battle and they can make a great fight together. All of these members face more than just newborn aspects within this game which has a total of more than seventy hours of gameplay.

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