Download, Install, and Run Safari Browser on Windows 10?

We may earn small commission on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Safari is a popular Browser developed by Apple in 2003 and built with a Webkit engine. It comes with all Apple devices, iPhones, pads, and MacBook as a default browser. It has become very popular over time and comes against most used browsers like Google Chrome, opera, internet explorer, etc.

About Safari

Safari is a graphics-based web browser that comes with a lot of features that provide a great using or working experience and add entertainment to your usability. It allows users to surf websites, bookmark top picks and open different websites in tabs. It is one of the first browsers that support the new HTML 5.  Safari can be downloaded on Windows 10 and supports its features.

Safari information

Browser nameSafari
developerApple inc
Latest version v14.1
Engine WebKit
Written in C++, Objective-C and swift

Features of Safari 

It offers many features that make it different from other browsers and helps attract more audiences.

Icloud tab browsing

It allows you to open the same tab on any apple device with the same iCloud account and information. You can see a rundown of all tabs open on your MacBook while utilizing Safari on the iPhone or iPad.


This feature allows you to share a website through any source email, social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. you directly share a site to your any apple device.

HTML 5 support

As HTML 5 is the need of all browsers and adobe flash is a must support for any browser. Safari supports HTML 5. It allows video to play in full screen, location services, share information easily and change other settings. 

Safari reader

Safari Reader is essentially a method for moving all distractions while you simply read the article. Similar to the Readability bookmarklet, Safari Reader automatically detects pages with an article in them and presents a button in the toolbar that separates the message and pictures from simply the article segment of the page and shows them in a pleasant, understandable text style.

Many others like syncing your passwords, bookmarks, share tabs, etc.

Download safari on window 10

If you want to download Safari for Windows 10. Follow these steps to make your downloading process easy and smooth.

Before downloading Safari for window 10, you have to make sure that it is an original link and review the rating of the link. And download safari for window 10  64 bit for a better experience 

Step 1: Open any browser and write Safari for window 10 64 bit.

Step 2. Click on the download button

download button

Step 3: Download Safari for windows. It will take time, depending on your internet speed

Step 4: When setup is downloaded click on it to start installation.

Install Safari 

When the setup is downloaded you have to start the installation. Follow these simple steps to install it successfully.

Step 1. Click the file to open the setup and run it.

Installation step 1

Step 2. Click next.

Installation step 2

Step 3. Click on “I accept the terms and conditions”.

installation step 3

Step 4. Click the installation options you want to choose. Then click next.

installation step 4

It will ask for the location where you want to download it. If you want to install it in Windows drive don’t change the default location 

Step 5. Click on “install”.

installation step 5

If you want to swap the location of the downloading file, follow these steps

Click on “change”. And choose the file location where you want to download.

Then click on ”install”

Installation step 6

Step 6. When you see the user interface button click on “yes”.

It will take some time and finally

Step 7. Click on “finish”.

Installation step 7

The installation is completed, open your browser and enjoy.

Difference between chrome and Safari

Both Google and Safari are browsers with great features and excellent performance and speed.

Apple is a web browser that is developed and operated by Apple. And chrome is also a web browser that Google and windscribe develop. Both provide great features but there is always room for change so some prefer chrome and some prefer Safari.

Is Safari good for  Windows?

Safari for windows can be very helpful. It provides many great features that are available in Apple devices. It does not offer great advantages and does not differ in any feature.

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