How To Fix A Laptop That Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi? (7 Super Easy Fixes)

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We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

After a hectic and boring routine, you are finally back home, planning to chill while watching your favorite Netflix series on your laptop, and everything is going smoothly. But wait, what? Why is this Wifi not connecting to the laptop?  Well, I got you so don’t worry, and let’s just talk about the solution first.

To connect your laptop to Wifi sometimes you just need to reset your wireless connection, so for resetting, go to settings and then to connectivity. Now check for the “Reset your wireless” option and simply click reset now.

Nevertheless, this is not the only problem and many other factors can also affect the internet connectivity of your laptop. So here I will enlist all the problems which could cause you this issue so that we can solve it together.

Reasons Why The Laptop is Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

Before solving any problem, one must know the problem and what is causing that problem. Once the problem and its causes are understood, solving that problem is quite simple and easy. Similarly, to solve the problem of a laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi, you must first understand the factors causing it. So here I have enlisted all the possible reasons which might be interrupting your Wi-Fi connectivity to the laptop.

  • The internet router is down.
  • Your laptop might be in airplane mode.
  • The password you entered can be incorrect.
  • The signals can be weak.
  • Your laptop is not supporting the Wi-Fi
  • Someone might have blocked the IP address of the laptop.

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How To Fix An Internet Connectivity Problem On A Laptop

Now as you know what the problem is and what might be causing it; thus, you can fix it easily. Here I will explain various methods you can apply to fix this problem. 

Note Each method to fix the Wi-Fi connectivity problem is explained for both Windows and Mac.

1. Restart Your Router

The majority of the time, the problem is not with the laptop but with the router. Thus if the Wi-Fi is not working on your laptop you must try connecting it to the mobile phone. If it is not even working on your phone, the problem is with the router. Restart your internet router, and it will work for you in most cases. So to restart the router follow the following steps.

  • Unplug all the cables from the router.
  • Now remove the power cable.
  • Do not instantly plug the power cable in again, wait for at least 30 sec.
  • Try connecting the Wi-Fi again on your laptop after waiting for 2 minutes.

2. Turn On Wi-Fi

It may sound childish, but sometimes Wi-Fi is disabled, and we do not consider this possibility. So make sure that the Wi-Fi on your laptop is turned on. Depending upon the type of laptop, the methods to turn on the Wi-Fi are as follows.

For Windows Laptop

If you have a regular Windows laptop with Windows 10, you must follow the following steps to turn on the Wi-Fi on the laptop.

  • Look at the bottom right corner for the Wi-Fi symbol.
  • Make sure it is blue, if not, click on it.
  • Then connect to the internet connection by providing a password.
Note make sure that the airplane mode is off, or you will not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

For Mac Laptop

The MacBook has different settings and interfaces than the usual Windows laptop. So, to turn on the Wi-Fi on a MacBook, you have to follow the following steps.

  • Click on the Apple menu available at the top right corner.
  • Look for system preferences and click on them.
  • Then click on network.
  • Click on the turn Wi-Fi on option if available.
  • Then connect to your network.

3. Reset Your Router

What if the problem is with your router, to check it and connect it through any other device if it is still not working. Then you can reset your Wi-Fi router to clear the old data. This might help you to have access to your Wi-Fi through your laptop. To do it, you should follow the following steps.

  • Connect your Wi-Fi device to the laptop through cable.
  • Open the site of the internet connection through the IP address. Log in with the email and password provided by the company.
  • Once logged in, look for the reset option. 
  • Click on the reset option and then reboot your device.
  • Once your device is turned on, it will have the first password and username, which is on its back.

4. Restart Your Laptop

If you are not having any luck with restarting your router, you must next restart your laptop. Restarting your laptop will clear the RAM and cache and help you fix your laptop’s internet connectivity problem.

5. Confirm Password

Another reason behind the laptop not connecting to a Wi-Fi network might be an incorrect password. So make sure you are entering the correct password by paying more attention to every digit or number when entering the password.

6. Bring Laptop Closer To Wi-Fi Source

If your laptop is far from the Wi-Fi source, then connecting to Wi-Fi is nearly impossible. A laptop can only connect to a Wi-Fi network when it is in its signal range. So make sure your laptop is in range of the Wi-Fi router, if not, then bring it close to the source.

7. Reset The Laptop’s Wireless Network

You can also reset the wireless network on the laptop. This might help you to fix the Wi-Fi connectivity problem. Depending upon the type of laptop, follow the following steps to reset your wireless network problems.

Reset Wireless Network On Window Laptop

To reset the wireless network connection on a laptop having windows 10 installed on it, follow the following steps.

  • Click on start.
  • Look for settings and open them.
  • From the setting click on network and internet.
  • Now click on status.
  • From the options available, click on the network reset option
  • Then click reset now.

Done! Now the network settings on your window laptop have been reset, try connecting the Wi-Fi again.

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Reset Wireless Network On MacBook

You must follow the following steps to reset your wireless network on macs.

  • Go to the Apple menu.
  • Look for system preference and click on it.
  • Then click on networks.
  • A menu will appear; select the Wi-Fi option from it.
  • Once selected, click on the minus button and then apply.
  • Once done now again select Wi-Fi and click on the plus button.
  • Now click on create and then apply.
  • Once done, look for your internet connection and connect to it.


The Wi-Fi connectivity problem on laptops is quite common and can happen to anyone. Just apply any of the methods mentioned above, and you can easily fix it. If the problem is still not fixed, then there might be some problem with your laptop’s hardware and you need to upgrade your laptop. So in case, your budget is low I’d highly recommend choosing from best laptops for under 400$.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Do newer laptops have better wifi?

    Yes, the latest models of laptops come with better and improved Wifi. These are fast and have a greater Wifi range.

  2. What is the range of laptop wifi?

    Depending on different standards, mostly the range is between 30 meters to 60 meters or 100 ft to 200 ft. The b and g standards usually have a smaller range when compared with the n standard.

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