How To Fix The Pink Screen On My Laptop? (6 Proven Ways)

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We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Laptop users often face different software or hardware issues with their laptops. Pink screens or dislocation of colors are also a lesser-known issue. As it is not so common, there could be several reasons for this discoloration, including software glitches or faulty hardware. 

You can fix the pink screen by updating your drivers because some outdated versions of graphical drivers can turn your screen to pink. Updating the graphics card can also solve your problem.

If the issue is persistent, you can check your peripheral wires or connecting cables for bents or cracks. The faulty ribbon cables inside the device can also be a cause of this pink screen. So, spend some bucks for the replacement of these worn-out wires.

What is a Pink Screen, and why does it Happen?

The display screens or monitors of all electronic devices, including LCDs and Laptops, use an RGB scheme for balancing three primary colors red, blue, and green. All the vibrant graphics appearing on your screen are produced due to the blending of these colors.

In case of any problem in the laptop components, whether it be software or hardware, the laptop screen can cause dislocation of colors on screen as in that case it stops blending the colors properly.

Due to the aforesaid issue, the screens automatically show colors with high intensity or radiance. It is the primary cause of unusual hues on your screen. When the radiance of the red color becomes high, a pink-colored tint appears on the screen. At this, the blue color is also at a peak level while the radiance of the green color is minimum. So, different imbalances give different color dispersal ranging from medium pink to purple or blue.

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The Reason behind the Pink Screen Appearance

You may wonder why my screen is pink and how all this happened. Remember that, in a laptop, hardware components run due to intangible programs or software. Any issue in any of these two main components leads to an issue. So, the color dislodgement can be due to bugs in the software. Any faults in hardware can also be a potential cause of this improper color blending. Software issues can include:

  • Outdated Drivers. 
  • Outdated GPU. 
  • Auto installation.
  • Inappropriate settings. 

The hardware issues can be due to any bents, cracks, or fractures in the components, including wires, ribbon cables, optical cables, or internal machinery. 

Here I’ve discussed 6 ways to fix these issues to prevent the pink screen. 

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6 ways to fix Pink Screen 

The linchpins of the field recommend different solutions to fix the pink lines on the screen. Let’s have a look at some recommended methods for sorting out the issue

1. Disconnect the Peripherals

The connectors or cables attached to the Laptops can lead to pink-colored tints on your screen. So, the first thing to do is to detach all the connecting wires or optical cables. Before disconnecting, make sure that your laptop is off. Only attach the mouse or the monitor with the laptop, and remove all other culprits. 

2. Update the Graphics Card of your Laptop (Fixing the Pink and Green Screen)

The bugs in the graphics card or an outdated version can be a potential cause of showing a pink and green screen. So, update your graphics card to the new version to resolve this issue. Here are the simple guidelines to sort out this issue

  • Press the window key & X key simultaneously. The menu will open.
  • Select device manager from the list. 
  • Search for the “Display Adapters” in this section and select it.
  • You will get the option of a graphics card in it. 
  • Click on the Graphics Card. 
  • A drop-down menu will open, click on update drivers. 
  • A website will start loading. You can download and install your related drivers from here easily. 

3. Restarting your Laptop

Some people find this method unprofessional to fix laptop problems, but it always works. Sometimes an auto-update or backend process can turn your screen pink. So, you can restart your laptop. Press the Control, Alt, and Delete keys simultaneously to log in to your account again. The restart menu will open, and you can do it. 

Moreover, if you want to fix a pink screen in Windows 7

  • Reboot your computer. For rebooting your computer, press the F8 key. It will open the Windows-advanced setup.
  • Select the experimental mode form here and press Enter key. 
  • After this, log in to your laptop accordingly. If the screen does not get pink now, it indicates the impairments in the video drivers. 

Performing a clean boot can also help you fix the pink screen discoloration on Windows 10

4. Checking the GPU Heat 

If you are worried about how to fix the pink screen in Windows 11 on a Dell laptop, this method is for you. Sometimes, the GPU of the Laptops gets hotter due to blocked vents. So, check whether your GPU is overheating or not. If yes, buy a cooling pad or an external one to cool down the laptop. 

However, Windows does not help us measure the temperature of the GPU. For this purpose, EGAs precision X1 can be the best application to analyze any overheating of GPUs. 

Mostly, the dust particles or debris clog the air vents of the laptop and can result in overheating. So, if the data shows something wrong, clean your laptop from the inside. To do this, you can blow air inside the chassis to clean the dirt. 

5. Replace the Worn-Out Parts 

People often claim that half of their laptop screen turned pink. Now the question is how to turn this half-pink screen into a normal one? The pink tint on the half screen can be due to a worn-out optical cable. 

So, replace the ribbon cables inside the laptop and check for the peripheral wires. To evaluate the main issue, you can connect your laptop to another monitor. 

6. Restore the Settings

Sometimes, your laptop starts showing pink lines on the screen. These annoying lines can result due to some misleading settings. So, you can restore the settings to default for fixing your pink screen on a hp or Lenovo laptop. 

7. Video Guide


A pink screen on a laptop can be caused by several factors, such as outdated graphics drivers, faulty cables, or damaged hardware. Troubleshooting steps include updating drivers, checking cables, and running hardware tests. If the issue persists, it may require professional repair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to check if the pink screen is due to software-related issues? 

    To check this, connect your laptop to another monitor or computer. If the color dislocation also occurs on the other monitor, it indicates that some software glitches caused your screen to appear pink. 

  2. What to do if my laptop screen turns purple? 

    The purple color appears on the laptop screen when the heat sink or cooling fan does not work well. To fix this issue, clean the air vents or holes in your laptop and arrange a cooling pad. 

  3. How to fix the pink and green lines on the laptop? 

    Outdated versions of drivers for Graphics Cards can lead to pink and green lines on the laptop. So, update your drivers from the official website. Also, check for hardware faults because they also are a potential cause of such issues. 

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