Do Laptops Have Graphics Card? Integrated vs Dedicated

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We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Have you ever wondered what makes modern laptops different than the early 2000s ones? The answer is a much more smooth and interactive user interface. Such a revolution in technology was possible due to graphics cards. 

Yes, all laptops have integrated graphics card that helps in improving the user interface. In addition, gaming laptops have dedicated graphics cards apart from built-in ones. Overall, a graphics card enhances the laptop’s GUI.

In fact, without a graphics card, you’ll be seeing a bunch of numbers on the laptop screen that doesn’t make sense. So, the question should be “do laptops have dedicated graphics card?” instead of “do laptops have graphics card?”.

Types of Graphics Cards

Laptops have two types of graphics cards. It is not necessary that every laptop has two. All laptops have integrated graphics card. However, it is not necessary that they have dedicated graphics card too.

Integrated Graphics Card

All the basis for a laptop’s graphics come from an integrated graphics card. It is built into the CPU and called a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). The basic function of an integrated graphics card is a 3D graphics rendering and video output.

Everything you see on the display screen of a laptop is due to its GPU. But it has its flaws like video often freezes at 4K or HD, or where the frame rate is high. It is because the integrated graphics card is weak on its own. So, it cannot be used for heavy graphics like gaming or video editing.

Dedicated Graphics Card

On the other hand, we have a dedicated graphics card that is a separate chip in the laptop. It is specially designed to handle heavy graphics work e.g. gaming. Also, it is not present in all laptops.

If your laptop doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card, no worries. You can update it depending on your workload. For instance, a dedicated graphics card is a must for video editing, rendering, and even for a few architectural software.

What is a G3D Mark score?

Laptop graphics cards go through extensive quality checks that summarize the test suite. It is a benchmark that all tests in a suite are run on a given card. So, it determines the 3D performance and graphic rendering ability of a laptop based on its iGPU.

Types of Integrated Graphics Card

Various laptops have different integrated graphics cards, and so their iGPUs have varied performance. You can categorize most iGPUs based on their G3D score. Higher the G3D score, the better the video rendering ability of a laptop. 

Also, Intel UHD and Radeon RX VEGA are the most used integrated graphics cards in laptops. Currently, Radeon RX 6500 XT is the best performing GPU in 2022. 

You can find out your laptop’s iGPU by typing Device Manager in the search bar, then click Display adapters and choose GPU from the dropdown.

GPUG3D Score
Intel UHD 630 (8-10th Gen Intel)1395
Intel UHD 750 (11th Gen Intel)1684
Intel UHD 770 (12th Gen Intel)2432
Radeon RX 6500 XT9392
AMD RX VEGA 8 (4000 – 5000 Series)2639
Radeon Pro2614
Intel (R) HD Graphics 615 (Notebooks)1053

Pros of Integrated Graphics Card

Laptops are designed with keeping the general demand in view. So, you can do almost all tasks with an integrated graphics card.

  • It is multipurpose and can be used for less demanding video work.
  • It is affordable and has a minimum replacement.
  • Most laptops have the best processing images and graphics with iGPU.
  • No added cost, as it is already installed on the laptop.

Cons of Integrated Graphics Card

Although, integrated graphics are a necessity, they fall short in a few areas.

  • iGPU is not suitable for graphic-intensive tasks.
  • Gaming can lag or stutter if played solely on a low G3D graphic card.

Types of Dedicated Graphics Card

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need a dedicated graphics card unless you want it for gaming or video editing/designing. It is also called a discrete graphics card. There is not much difference in graphics card apart from frame rate and picture processing.

NIVIDA and AMD are two major brands for dedicated graphics card. Other popular brands that also manufacture them are GeForce and Quadro. If you want simplicity but efficiency, NIVIDA is the best. Also, PC variants of these graphics cards are more powerful than laptop ones.

Dedicated graphics cards are expensive and may cost as much as a new laptop. However, even the most inexpensive dedicated graphics card has more G3D score than an integrated one.

GPUG3D Score
NIVIDA RTX 308016470
NIVIDA RTX 30508953
GeForce RTX 206013956
Radeon RX 6750 XT21024
Quadro K60008091

Pros of Dedicated Graphics Card

A dedicated graphics card is much more powerful than an integrated graphics card. It is best on many professional levels and enhances productivity.

  • Higher picture quality due to improved graphics.
  • No lag or screen freeze during graphic-intensive work like gaming.
  • It gives a higher frame per second rate which improves video quality.
  • Higher picture resolution

Cons of Dedicated Graphics Card

A dedicated graphics card is a luxury that many cannot afford for everyday use. However, if you are a professional video editor or gamer then it is important to have it.

  • Dedicated graphics cards for laptops are quite expensive.
  • Upgradation and replacement charges are an added expense.


A short answer to the question “do laptops have graphics card?” is a BIG YES! All laptops and PCs have integrated graphics cards. Otherwise, all you could see would have been binary numbers flying through a black background. However, NOT ALL laptops have a dedicated graphics card. Overall, the difference between these two graphics cards is in efficiency and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is there a slot for Graphics card in laptop?

    Yes, the dedicated graphics card is plugged in the PCI Express Slot of the motherboard. However, an integrated graphics card is installed on the CPU and has no separate slot in the laptop.

  2. How do I access my AMD GPU queue?

    Go to AMD direct store website and it will redirect you to queue if it is open. You can get all the information on GPU availability, updates, wait time, etc from there.

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