Do All Laptops Come With Microsoft Office (let’s figure out in 2 minutes)

We may earn small commission on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Microsoft Office has become a substantial need for everyone these days, whether you are a student or a business person, you need Microsoft Office to stay organized. The compatibility of this software with all Operating Systems has also added value to its worth and made it a globally recognized software. 

Not all laptops come with a pre-installed Microsoft Office. One needs to buy a subscription to the Microsoft Office website or Office 365.

Sometimes, it appears that some HP laptops have a pre-installed office, but the reality is not the same so far. These brands have added Microsoft Office icons for the trial or website version. So, you can use the office suite via the website using an internet connection but not offline. 

Laptops That Come With Microsoft Office

You will find it interesting that some models of an Asus laptop have a one-year subscription to Office 365. For example, the Asus E203 MA is ready for doing any work on the Office program. Other models include ASUS VivoBook L203MA and ASUS VivoBook E402YA 14, which offer a free one-year license of Office 365. Another plus point that makes these Laptops best for using Microsoft Office is that they have excellent compatibility with the Office. 

System Requirements For A Laptop To Run Microsoft Office

The utmost need for Microsoft Office has made people a bit conscious about the selection of the laptop. If you are looking for a Laptop to run Microsoft Office, always check the compatibility of the laptop specs for running software. The bare minimum requirements for a laptop to run Microsoft Office are as follows

  • Operation System speed: Windows with an operating speed of 1.6 GHz, and 2-core.
  • Memory: 4GB / 2 GB RAM (32-bit)
  • Display: Large screen of 1280*768 resolution.
  • Graphics card: Graphics card speed with minimum Directx 9 or new versions.
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Works well with Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2019 and 2016, and Mac OS.

Lenovo Laptops That Come with Microsoft Office As Per The Above Specifications

Lenovo ThinkPad T450 has done more than the required by providing 512 GB SSD. However, the notable point is that this Lenovo model comes with Office 365 but for a limited time of 30 days free trial. However, you can buy a subscription for the whole year again. 

Hp Laptops That Come With A Pre-Installed Microsoft Office

Not all Hp models have an installed Microsoft Office but HP Stream 14 CM0042na offers a free license for Microsoft Office for approximately 12 months. After this period, you can subscribe again at the website.  

However, other HP laptops don’t have an installed Microsoft Office but allow you to use the Office on the web by providing widgets on Google

Installation Of Microsoft Office on Laptop

If Microsoft Office is not available on your laptop, you can buy a subscription from Microsoft Office directly. Microsoft allows you to get the subscription in two forms

  • Office 365 personal.
  • Office 365 Family. 

There are two provisions for getting a subscription. Either you can get a monthly subscription or an annual one. The family version helps you manage the costs by sharing the account with two or more people. You can directly purchase it from the Microsoft office, but Amazon is the best option. It offers a 12-month license at a price less than Microsoft. 

Purchasing Microsoft Office without a Subscription

It sounds boring to get a subscription again and again after a particular period. There is a solution to this problem. You can purchase Microsoft Office for a lifetime by paying once

However, keep in mind that Office 365 shows updates from time to time for the whole suite but the one-time purchase provides Word, PowerPoint, and excel only and doesn’t show updates. If you have no concerns about the upgraded versions, you can opt for Office 2019. Office 2019 provides you with all the necessary features in one place for dealing with your business or educational needs

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Checking If Microsoft Office is Pre-Installed on my Laptop

Different Acer, Hp, and Lenovo models have pre-installed Microsoft office but not all. So, many people often want to know if their laptop has an office installed or not? And also about the version of Microsoft Office installed on their laptops.

What happens is that most users view the office icon available on their apps list but on clicking the office icon, they find that the loading to a website initiates. Such models do not have a pre-installed Office, but they provide you access to Office on the web browser. There is nothing to worry about because you get the same word and excel on the browser at the cost of a zero penny. You only need to sign up for a Microsoft Office account.


Okay so this was all about it I’m sure that now you know that not all the laptops come with a pre-installed MS office. However, some do come with a limited-time subscription to MS office. If you are looking for a laptop that is compatible with running MS office then I’d suggest you go for Asus E203 MA and Lenovo ThinkPad T450.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. Is Office 365 free to use? 

    Office 365 personnel allows laptop users to use it for a one-month trial. The one monthly trial is free of cost. Later on, you need to pay the subscription cost to get full-time access. 

  2. How much is office 365 for a year? 

    Microsoft offers its new software, “Office 365”, at a reasonable cost of 6.99 $ per month or 69.99 $ per year. Office 365 personnel allows one person to use his account on multiple devices with a single subscription. 

  3. What is the cost for Microsoft Office, and what does it include? 

    One can get “Office home and student 2021” for 149.99 dollars. This package includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Teams, and Onenote for Personal Computers and Mac. However, Office Home and Business 2021 costs 249.9 $.

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