Why is my Laptop fan so loud (is it about to blast?)

We may earn small commission on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Fans in a laptop play the role of an unsung hero because they work silently to keep the laptop shell cooler and deal with myriads of unknown problems. However, sometimes these unsung heroes start making an obnoxious noise without any apparent cause. 

Usually, the fan becomes louder when it has to spin faster. The dust and multitasking can be the two culprits for the terrible noise produced because it makes fans work harder. 

However, it’s better to pinpoint the exact cause of your louder fan and fix it immediately because it can hamper the working of your laptop.  

Reasons that make a Laptop Fan Loud

It becomes very disgusting when a laptop fan becomes louder than a lawnmower. Repulsive and contemptible noise diverts the concentration of users and urges them to smash down the laptop. The solution to this pressing issue is to figure out the underlying cause of the problem. So here are some causes of the potential factors that make the laptop fan loud.

  1. Dirty or Faulty Fans

Check for the cleanliness of the laptop fans by observing any unusual noise. When dust forms a thick layer on the fan surface, the quantity of air passing through the fan slits gets compromised. That’s why the fans spin faster to dissipate extra heat and become louder than usual. It means that more revolutions per minute will cause louder noise.

As the laptop becomes older, its mechanical parts undergo wear and tear. It means that the fan can become faulty due to aging. Due to excessive spinning, the ball bearings of the fan lose with time, and it produces a scornful sound. The large size of the fan can also be a factor in causing a hue and roar. 

  1. Blocked Vents

In addition to fans, the air vents of laptops also get clogged due to dust particles. Blockage causes poor ventilation and ultimately increases the RPMs. As a result, the fan gets louder. 

  1. Overheating CPU

When the central processing unit (CPU) of a laptop has to work hard, it gets overheated. Different factors contribute to the overheating of the CPU and ultimately to the loudness of the laptop fan. These factors include: 

  • Multitasking. 
  • The dried thermal paste on heatsinks of CPU & GPU. 
  • Faulty hard disk.
  • Poor ventilation.

By sorting out these issues, you can prevent overheating of the CPU. 

  1. Malware 

Malware is the viral software that hijacks your computer and assesses all the data on your drives. Spyware, Trojan horses, and worms fall under the category of malware. Due to a malware attack, the hard disk and memory of the CPU get overloaded and result in overheating. It ultimately puts the Laptop fan on its knees, and it had to work harder to dissipate the extra heat. 

  1. Outdated Drivers

If your installed drives get outdated, the hardware will not work efficiently. It produces an extra load on the laptop and makes it run heavier. The laptop fans will run fast to tackle this situation and ultimately cause a louder voice than actual. 

  1. Multiple background running programs

Sometimes we work with multiple programs on our laptops. Some other programs also get started working in the background during multitasking. All these programs take up extra space on the SSD. So, the over-consumption of memory will ultimately affect the performance of the CPU, which in turn puts a load on the laptop fans. 

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4 Simple ways to fix your Loud Laptop Fan

Laptop fans are louder than anything else in your room. However, if you notice an unusual noise like a lawnmower, it’s Worthy noticeable. It means that the humble fan of your laptop is spinning faster than usual, and it needs to get checked. As you have gone through the answer to Why my laptop fan is so loud and hot, the task is to fix it accordingly. Here are some solutions to make your laptop fan silent to some extent. 

  1. Closing running programs 

Close all the unnecessary programs running in the background. It will disseminate the extra load on the CPU. As a result, the fan will spin slower and produce a bearable sound. 

A better option is to activate your task manager. Similarly, you can also look for the unnecessary programs appearing on the taskbar. Click on any program and click the “close button” to turn it off. Keep checking for the time being for any unnecessary programs and develop the habit to close them immediately if not in use. 

  1. Buying a Cooling Pad

Buying a cooling pad or attaching an additional fan can be expensive for silencing your laptop fan. 

However, it is the most effective one because it will disperse the workload on the integrated fan. As a result, less noise gets produced.

It may not sound good, but the experiencers mention that cooling pads can be the most suitable option for tackling this situation. Moreover, the additional fans are less likely to produce Terrible sounds. Numerous cooling pads or fans are available online at a reasonable price. You can make a one-time investment to get rid of this problem. 

  1. Cleaning the Fan and Vents

Protecting your laptop from dust particles can add to the life of your laptop fans and prevent them from producing noise. So, try to keep the holes on the laptop clean. Moreover, you can use a can of compressed air to expel the dust particles from air vents and the fan slits. It will not cost too much, but it will dramatically decrease noise production. You can also attach a protective sheet to your keyboard to prevent dust particles from obstructing the inner parts. 

  1. Let your laptop’s vents breathe. 

People often use the laptop by placing it on soft cushions and blankets. So, the laptop doesn’t get leveled, and the air passage to the vents gets obstructed. So, the sincere suggestion is to use the laptop by placing it on a rigid surface. 


I’m hoping that all your queries regarding your loud laptop fan must be clear if you still have any questions check the FAQs section. In case your old laptop is so noisy and gets overheated more often then it’s time to upgrade to a new laptop. So in that case Acer Swift 3 is a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why is my laptop so loud when charging?

    It happens due to a problem with speakers which caused the fans to run at a speed faster than usual and to make a loud pathetic noise. 

  2. Why is my laptop fan so loud mac?

    It happens when you are using demanding apps on your MacBook which causes the fan to produce a weird noise and it gets heated up too.

  3. Why is my laptop fan so loud HP?

    It is because you haven't turned on the quiet mode of your HP command center. For doing that just go to HP command center search for thermal profile and now click the quiet mode and turn it on.

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