Are Thinkpads Good for Gaming? (Worthy Guide)

We may earn small commission on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

The Unbeatable build quality and reliability of the Lenovo Thinkpad series make these desirable for the business personnel. These are the most reliable commercial laptops and going to work superbly for you if you’re buying one for your office desk.

However, if you’re a gaming geek and planning to purchase a Thinkpad because of its good reputation in the entrepreneur’s world then I’d suggest you to hear me out before making any decision.

Thinkpads works okay for an ordinary gamer but for someone who is a gaming enthusiast, it’s a big no. Give this article a read to know more about Thinkpads and analyze in detail what makes these laptops stand out and why exactly it isn’t good for gaming.

History of Thinkpads

Thinkpad was manufactured back in October 1992 by the International business machines (IBM) corporation. These laptops got huge recognition in 2003 when space stations started using these because of their amazing hardware and durability.

According to David Hill, the former IBM executive leader: The name ThinkPad was inspired by a simple little notepad. As people carry notepads to jot down data one can carry these Thinkpads instead for saving important data and documents.

So, the main purpose of this laptop was to help the office workers and students to perform their jobs using programs like Microsoft office.

In 2006, Lenovo became the official proprietor and started production of Thinkpad laptops. Lenovo improved its software and hardware to make these more stable but not stable enough for running multimedia and high-end games.

As we have talked enough about history now let’s find out Are Thinkpad laptops good for gaming or not?

Well, the answer is No, most Thinkpads are not good for proper gaming. This is due to the ordinary graphic quality because most Lenovo thinkpads don’t contain NVIDIA’s graphic cards and the small screen size makes the gaming experience worst.

However, some models like Lenovo Thinkpad XI extreme Gen 4 and Thinkpad P15 contain integrated graphic cards, that offer good graphic quality and good FPS count for games like FIFA and GTA V.

The Technology used in ThinkPad

Even though these laptops are not too good for gaming like the IdeaPad laptops but still, these laptops are the best commercial laptops due to the amazing technology used in their manufacture. So let’s see what makes ThinkPads so good?

Superior Thermal Engineering

These laptops have the longest battery life due to the use of superior thermal engineering. You can keep working on these for up to 14 hours easily.

Patented Dust-resistant technology

For minimizing the dust entrance the manufacturer has used specialized dust-resistant air intake vents at the back for better airflow and better heat dissipation.

Advanced dual copper heat pipes

These pipes help in transferring heat to the exhaust more efficiently.

To make it more clear to you what makes ThinkPad not good for gaming? Let me show you some reasons:

Outdated graphic card

The absence of NVIDIA’s graphic card and the use of outdated intel graphic cards in these laptops affect the visuals a lot. Intel’s GPU does not provide the required FPS (frame per second) count needed for running high-end games like grand theft auto V.

Small screen size

If you’re passionate about gaming then screen size is something you can not compromise on. Most of these Lenovo laptops have a screen size of fewer than 14 inches which makes the gaming experience less exciting.

Innovation: What changed with time in Thinkpad?

Despite being amazing when it comes to durability and reliability, Lenovo has changed many things in their ThinkPad series over the years. To make the design and software better many improvements have been made so that the laptop doesn’t get caught up in the modification of details. 

Every other year Lenovo is introducing a new model of ThinkPad with improved features.

Many of these new models include NVIDIA’s graphic card which offers excellent Graphics and the FPS count is also improved to a good extent.

Apart from graphics, many changes have been made to the design for making the ThinkPad more compact and to further increase its durability. This is what makes ThinkPad so good and reliable even after so many years.

5 Reasons why Thinkpad stands out as a business laptop

After hearing all this hype on market about these Lenovo laptops, I’m sure that you must be wondering what makes ThinkPad so good? Well here are some factors that make Thinkpad so special:

Utilitarian superb Design

Thinkpads are known for their signature design and black color which makes them good for the eyes and increases their firmness and compactness. Initially, the design was prompted from a Japanese lunch box and that’s why the laptop was used to be heavy so that it won’t get damaged easily. However, with time the design has improved and the laptop is not too heavy now but still, it is robust and durable.

Amazing keyboard

I bet you are going to love this keyboard as the actuation of keys is so on point and the key travel is just perfect. Plus, the presence of a TrackPoint key between the G, H, and B keys makes it easy to use. The main purpose of the key is to be used for moving the cursor on the screen which increases productivity.

Less costly when compared with Macbook

Although Thinkpads are not so cheap still the price is reasonable when compared with other laptops like Macbook.

Features double battery

The X series of these amazing Lenovo business laptops feature double batteries so that you can switch to the second one when the first one is about to die.

Easy to repair

This is one of the biggest reasons why these laptops are used by NASA as the parts are easy to change and one can easily repair the Thinkpad. However, some new laptops of the ThinkPad series that are thinner do not fall under this easy-to-repair category.


So by now, I hope that you’ve got a clear idea of what Lenovo ThinkPad laptops are all about. Moreover, If you’re in search of a good business laptop then I’d suggest you buy the Thinkpad X1 Yoga Gen 5. X1 Yoga Gen 5 offers great performance, comes with a rechargeable pen, and has long battery life. Other than that you can also consider buying Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 9 as it contains what all a professional needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is Lenovo ThinkPad a gaming laptop?

    No this isn’t a gaming laptop and is specially designed for the business personnel. If you’re interested in buying gaming laptops then go for IdeaPad and the Lenovo legion series which offer perfect graphics.

  2. Is Thinkpad X1 carbon good for gaming?

    Thinkpad X1 carbon is not ideal for gaming but can be used for playing low-end games with low resolution or old games.

  3. What FPS count is good for playing games?

    Answer: An FPS count of 60-70 is good for single-player games. For multiplayer games, it should be at least 120-130 so that one doesn’t experience a blurry screen and poor visual effects.

  4. Can we run GTA V on Thinkpad?

    No, most Thinkpads can not run games like GTA V, and you better not try this as there is a high chance that your laptop might get overheated and damaged.

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