How to Use Your Laptop as a Monitor for PS4 – Easy Steps

We may earn small commission on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

A single TV in the lounge is not enough for your gaming passion. Other people have to watch their favorite shows as well. So, you are thinking to see how to use your laptop as a monitor for PS4. But you are skeptical about how you are going to do it?

A video capture card or Remote Play is how you can use your laptop as a monitor for PS4. You can either stream gaming online or use a video card instead. So, a laptop monitor helps you see the contents from a remote console. 

You can also record your gaming or live stream it with a video capture card while using the laptop as a monitor. Also, video cards are affordable and easily available online.

HDMI cables, alone, are out of the question because both laptops and PS4s are designed for HDMI output and none for HDMI input. However, you can still use them along with video cards to make it work. Remote Play is another easier alternative.

Easy Methods to Use Your Laptop as a Monitor for PS4

There are several ways to make convert your laptop into a PC. However, many of those methods are complicated and expensive. On the other hand, you can try the following two methods and enjoy gaming on a laptop in no time.

  • Video Capture Card
  • Remote Play

Video Capture Card Method

Using a video card is an amazing method for recording or streaming a game through PS4 on the laptop. However, they are not as good for direct gaming. It is because it lags a bit due to on-screen recording. If it is not an issue for you then you can enjoy gaming as well as recording it.

Remote Play Method

You can use the Remote Play method that connects PS4 and laptop through the internet. It is a good alternative to video capture cards. Also, there is no lag and you have the ease to set the gaming resolution and fps at a higher value. All you need is a PlayStation login and you are all set.

3 Steps to Use Video Capture Card to Convert Laptop into Monitor

Video capture cards are an inexpensive way to not only connect PS4 to a laptop but also to record gaming. You will need

  • Laptop
  • PS4 Console
  • Video Capture Card
  • Dual-Function HDMI Cable
  • S-Video Connection Cable
  • Internet

You don’t have to be a computer geek to get this working. It is a simple and easy method to use your laptop as a monitor for PS4.

Step 1: Plugin Video Capture Card

Plug your Video Capture Card into the USB port. Once it is in, install the given program that appears on the screen. Also, make sure that the PS4 and the laptop setup are connected through a Broadband or wirelessly.

Step 2: Connect the Cables

Connect S-Video Connection cable to connect video capture card to PS4 console. Next, plug the HDMI-out to PS4 and HDMI-in to the video capture card as well.

Step 3: Run the Software

Now, turn on your console and run the video capture card software on your laptop. Congratulations, your laptop, and PS4 are now connected and you are ready for gameplay using your laptop as a monitor.

5 Steps to Use Remote Play to Convert Laptop into Monitor

You will need minimal things to get started:

  • Laptop
  • PS4 Console
  • PS4 Network Account
  • USB Cable 

If you don’t have any cable handy, you can buy them online or from a nearby store.

Step 1: Download Remote App

Download the latest Remote Play app from the Sony website on your laptop. Also, it is important that the app should be compatible with your laptop’s system, either Windows or MacBook.

Step 2: Connect Console

Go to console Settings on PS4 and click on Remote Play Connection Settings. Next, click on Enable to connect the console with your laptop. Also, you cannot turn off PS4 otherwise it will disconnect from the laptop. So, it is best to turn on power-saving mode on your console.

Step 3: Adjust the Resolution

Now, open the Remote Play app on your laptop and go to Settings to adjust resolution and frame per second (fps). Make sure to adjust it according to the graphics ability of your laptop. 

Step 4: Connect the laptop

Now, connect the PS4 to the laptop through a USB port. Alternatively, you can connect them wirelessly by pressing PlayStation and Share buttons at the same time. Notice an LED light flash that indicates the laptop and PS4 are connected. 

Step 5: Log in to Remote Play App

Next, log in to the Remote Play App with your PlayStation Network account details on your laptop. It will connect your console to your laptop. Now, you can use your laptop as a monitor for PS4.


It is quite easy to connect PS4 to a laptop and use the laptop as a monitor. A video capture card and Remote Play are the most hassle-free ways to do it. What a better quick fix for a new screen for gaming! However, you should not do it often as the load on the laptop increases and reduces its overall life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How Do I Know If My Laptop is HDMI Output or HDMI Input?

    Most laptops have HDMI Output because they cannot receive video output signals from another device. You can check your laptop’s specifications on the official site for this specific information. However, if your laptop is HDMI Input, you can connect it to PS4 directly with an HDMI cable.

  2. If I connect my PS4 to a laptop, do I still need to worry about my laptop’s specs for playing games?

    Yes, you will still need to have compatible specifications for your laptop. Using a laptop as a monitor does not shift the load on the PS4 system. Also, the resolution and fps largely depend on your laptop’s processing ability. So, it is better to update your laptop for gaming.

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