Are Gaming Laptops Good for Everyday Use? (Detailed Answer)

We may earn small commission on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

We may earn small commisison on the qualified purchases with no extra cost to you

Gaming laptops are considered high-end devices because of their top-shelf hardware and crisp display and can do anything that a normal laptop can but are gaming laptops good for everyday use?

Well, the answer is yes. Gaming laptops are good for everyday use because these laptops have outstanding hardware and can perform any function you want. However, it also depends on your requirements and the type of everyday use you are expecting from the device.

There are multiple other elements too that one should keep in mind while deciding whether gaming laptops are good for their type of everyday use or not. So just scroll down to find out more about gaming laptops, their specifications, advantages, and disadvantages.

Difference between a Gaming Laptop and a Regular Laptop?

Firstly, let me clarify to you people that laptops are all almost the same, the thing that makes a gaming laptop different from a regular laptop is its specifications. Now let’s have a look at those specifications:

Graphics Processing Unit

Unlike regular laptops, gaming laptops don’t only utilize integrated GPU but these laptops also have a discrete GPU for better performance.

Screens Size

Gaming laptops have bigger screens when compared with regular laptops because these are supposed to be used for playing games and performing multimedia-related tasks. This is why these laptops have a screen size of around 16 inches and above to offer an immersive display.


For combating the over-heating issue, these laptops have bigger heat sinks so that the hardware can cool down easily, and due to this reason, gaming laptops are big and heavy.


Usually, gamers prefer RGB lights on keyboards as these give the laptop a fun look and most gaming laptops have these cool-looking RGB lights.

Is a Gaming Laptop Good for Everyday Use?

We all have different meanings for the word everyday use. Some of us believe that everyday use means performing some basic browsing at home along with regular gaming and video editing-related stuff and according to some people, everyday use includes school and office-related tasks too. 

Gaming Laptops for Video Editing and Multimedia-Related Everyday Use

So if you’re someone whose work requires a lot of editing, graphic-intense gaming, and multimedia usage then gaming laptops are a good option for their type of everyday use.

This laptop is designed for such sort of tasks and works perfectly for anyone who needs this for such work. For example, people who don’t carry their laptops to the office or workplace and need it only for their houses, such as video editing professionals who work remotely and children who love playing games at home.

Gaming Laptops for Work and School

Are you a student or a professional and wondering are gaming laptops good for work? Then let me tell you the answer to this question is a big No, here is why: these laptops are big and consume a lot of battery, carrying them to your office and school isn’t going to be an easy task plus it’ll cost so many bucks too. So consider buying a less costly alternative that works well for applications like MS Office, which is thin, and easy to carry too.

Boons and Banes of Gaming Laptops

Like any other gadgets, these laptops also have benefits and drawbacks so let’s have a look at those:

Benefits of Gaming Laptops

  • Amazing Processor

Gaming laptops come with a powerful CPU and extremely fast operating system to meet the user requirements and that’s the reason why these are known for their fast and furious speed.

  • HDR Certified Display

These laptops have an HDR-certified display which is why you can enjoy watching a wide variety of vibrant colors while playing games and editing videos.

  • Crisp Graphics

Due to a discrete GPU, FHD display, high refresh rates, Greater PPI, and FPS count, these laptops offer ultra-immersive display. 

  • Great Audio Quality

As these laptops are designed specifically for gamers so the speakers are of high value and provide amazing audio quality. 

  • Extra RAM and SSD

Gaming laptops usually have more RAM and SSD when compared with a regular laptop and that’s the reason why browsing on these is a fast and easy experience. You won’t experience any hanging or freezing issues as it has a considerable amount of storage and memory.

  • Great Cooling Mechanism

As these laptops are composed of powerful hardware so the overheating issue is very common in such laptops, to combat this problem these come with the nicest cooling mechanism. 

  • Durability

Gaming laptops are one of the most durable and reliable laptops on the market.


  • Short Battery life

Because gaming laptop consumes a lot of power that’s why has smaller battery life. In most cases, it’s not more than 6 to 7 hours.

  • Costly

These laptops are made up of high-quality hardware and that’s why it costs a lot more than a regular laptop. 

  • Heavy and thick

Its efficient cooling mechanism uses a huge heat-sink to cool down the system, that’s the reason why these laptops are thick, heavy, and hard to carry.

  • Overheating

Although, gaming laptops have an efficient cooling mechanism still it takes too much time to cool down their extraordinary hardware. Due to this reason overheating is one of the biggest problems with the gaming laptops

Stuff that you must need while using a Gaming Laptop for everyday use

I have already answered the question “are gaming laptops good for everyday use” and precisely the answer was “Yes”. However, if you want to use a gaming laptop for your day-to-day use then you should keep the following things in mind for expecting better performance.

Make sure to keep an Adapter with you

As we know these laptops have a smaller battery life so an adapter is going to be a lifesaver in such scenarios. Always keep an adapter with you if you’re going on a journey along with this laptop.

See if the Laptop has Optimus

Most gaming laptops come with Optimus which helps in optimizing battery usage by using discrete GPU for graphic-intense tasks and integrated system GPU for routine work. So make sure the gaming laptop you’re going to buy must have Optimus in it as it’ll increase the battery life of your laptop.


Gaming laptops are amazing when it comes to quality and durability, these are the ultimate devices for any task you want. The problems associated with these laptops are their size and battery life. However, if you want to buy a good gaming laptop then Razer Blade 15 and Dell G3 15 are two nice options overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do gaming laptops last longer than regular laptops?

    Yes, gaming laptops are made up of high-quality hardware and are thick and heavy which is why these are more durable than regular laptops and last longer.

  2. Why are gaming laptops heavy and bulky?

    Gaming laptops are heavy due to the size of the heat sink and fan of the cooling solution. These laptops utilize more power and heat up faster than regular laptops.

  3. Are gaming laptops good for students?

    Gaming laptops are not good for students because these laptops are heavy and not portable at all, consume a lot of battery power, and are not budget-friendly for students.

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