James Ridge

James Ridge Biography



My name is Ridge, James Ridge. I am a James Bond fan, which inspired me in science fiction gaming. For me, gaming offers new possibilities that are otherwise not there. So, I opted to work at a gaming center. Also, I share my insights on this website as a gaming geek.

Educational Background

I am a small-town boy from Wallace, Idaho. I graduated from Wallace Jr./Sr. High School and then joined a Community College. But, it never fascinated me so I dropped out, to make a career in the gaming industry.


Besides gaming, I am interested in comics and anime. I am also keen to observe gaming equipment and its hardware and software.


I have been working at a gaming center for 6 years now. My job is to repair and maintain gaming consoles and test new games. I also repair gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox, etc.


In my free time, I cook and try to improve it. It saves me some money. Having good food and comics is always a great combination.


My vision is to make the technical know-how about gaming available to people easily. I also want to change the notion that gaming is a waste of time.

Reason to Contribute

This website gave me the perfect opportunity to share my technical knowledge. I also enjoy the freedom here for cranking out honest reviews about gaming and gaming equipment. To know more about whole team click here or visit our site Home Page.