Myles Diego

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I am Myles Diego and I work as an SEO expert. Data is the new currency, and being able to manage it is a superpower. I play with various optimization tools to appease the Lord of Algorithms.

Educational Background

I have done Software Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas. After graduation, I was more interested in figuring out how stuff ranks in the digital world. So, I did Digital Marketing and SEO courses online to hone my skill.


I am interested in marketing and programming. Apart from this, I sometimes write about SEO and other stuff.


I am proficient in programming such as HTML, CSS, WP, PHP, Tags, SEO plugins, etc. In addition, my expertise is On-Page and Off-Page SEO, SMM, and backlinks. In short, I keep the websites alive and appearing in the search results for over 3 years now.


I keep a journal and design it when I have spare time. I am also learning to watercolor for fun.


I wish to live in a world that appreciates and attaches value to the number of clicks. Quality over quantity.

Reason to Contribute

This website has tremendous information regarding laptops and I want it to reach the masses. So, I try my best to keep the website afloat among millions of searches, and sometimes even share my insight here as well. To know more about whole team click here or visit our site Home Page.