Ryan Miles

Ryan Miles Biography



I am Ryan Miles and I work in the electronics department at Target. I am good at handling and comparing digital products, especially laptops and their accessories.

Educational Background

I have a diploma from a local high school in Dayton, Ohio. I also passed a GED test to work as a team leader at Target. For me, practical or vocational knowledge is more interesting.


Laptops have got my fancy for a long time. I am interested in hardware or software updates, and the new features in laptops released every year.


I am a crackerjack laptop reviewer. Most of my time is spent analyzing, organizing, and sometimes repairing laptops. I breathe digital equipment. I have been recommending laptops to customers for almost 4 years now.


Apart from laptops, I love going to Karaoke. Singing brings a method to my madness. Other than this, I also enjoy fixing small household electronics.


My vision is deep work. Pick one thing and become the best at it, instead of doing a bunch of things and being best at none.

Reason to Contribute

Laptops are a big deal for me, and I want to share what I usually do at Target i.e. review and recommend laptops. I have seen many people choose a laptop that doesn’t align with their needs. So, I write on this website to make comparing and reviewing laptops a piece of cake for folks. To know more about whole team click here or visit our site Home Page.