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How to take a Screenshot on Windows 10 Laptop?

Microsoft is one of the leading company in the technology industry, especially in the manufacturing of windows. The full name of the windows is called ...

How to Charge a Laptop Without a Power Bank

Imagine you are going out at the end of the weekend or month. Be it a family hiking and camping or going on a beach trip. You always pick your laptop for live ...

How Much RAM Do You Need For Fortnite?

Fortnite is undoubtedly amongst the most popular games right now. From the catchy beats to the cool characters, players from all around the globe seem to love ...

How to play Xbox one on laptop screen with HDMI

Xbox is a gaming console that is used to play modern games nowadays. It is a pure beast when it comes to high-end graphic gaming. 4K or HDR gaming is not a ...

How to Factory Reset a Lenovo Laptop?

It is almost inevitable to avoid problems like a corrupted operating system, malware, virus attacks, or some other unwanted distortion issues that you might ...

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